I gotta say,  after playing Resident Evil games for so long, this has been awful. I've blown off reviewing this game for some time now.
The single player campaign was uh, a joke. at the end your squad just teleports to opposite sides of the screen based in your decision. I liked the amount of firepower I felt I had throughout the single player mode, but wow, was I disappointed.
The multiplayer is sort of a joke, unless your opposing team does not intend on camping yout respawn points. I found that Japanese players are quite fond of this. Racist? Well, the proof is in the pudding, as the game offers one of two or three respawn points and they are easily camped. Seriously, this is why PS3 users would rather turn toward shooters like Killzone 3, Resistance, and others. I can play those games, and even if the single player fails to deliver, the multiplayer will land it.
Basically, the game was set in a time and place that the company really could've capitilized on, but pretty much failed to.
This game gets a 4/10 from me, as it has about as many issues a game can possiblly have on day 0 of its release. Wow, Capcon, just wow. It's been about a year since this game's release, and I'm actually surprised the servers are still up and running for the multiplayer.
I'm just glad Resident Evil 6 made up for this one. This game well, uh, pretty much sucks all around. Have a good day.