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Not Enough Brains for even a ZOMBIE to eat.

I am a hardcore Resident Evil fan. I finished 5 100%. And had dreams about  4 for years.


But this, this reminds me of the episode of "Power Rangers: Dino Thunder" where the Dino Ranger teamed up with the Ninja Storm Rangers to fight Lothor, who CRAWLED OUT OF THE ABYSS OF EVIL. Why do I make that comparison? Simple. This game crawled out of there. And needs to go back.


Some of the reason its here is because stupid people hyped this crap. They. Need to burn.


Along with every copy of this game. 

Slant Six should close and Capcom should be ashamed of bastardizing this franchise.

  • your a hardcore resident evil fan huh? then how come the only 2 you mentioned are 4 and 5 the 2 latest installments in the franchise..... whats really wrong with this game? your gonna tell me you had absolutely no fun with this title? as a hardcore resident evil fan myself....(every game since the original) i find that this game craps all over number 5. now i know its a total step in the other direction then we are all used to but i can tell you what it does have....zombies!!! the one thing that made resident evil what it was. im not saying this title is amazing and deserves medals......but in all honesty it can be fun you just got to forget its tied to the resident evil name... stop comparing it to the others. everybody did and it never had a chance
  • Good job, chap.

  • I completely agree. This game was a complete mess of terrible gameplay and a nonsensical plot development.