I've always been a fan of the Resident Evil Series, ever since that first zombie appeared on my television screen. But lately, all this series has to offer is high hopes. This game could have been one of its best installments! Resident Evil could have regained it glory lost by Resident Evil 5, but it only dug its hole deeper.

When i first started playing, I thought, "Okay, this might get some getting used to." But as time progressed, it didn't seem to be getting any better. The configuration wasn't the problem. It was all the little things that kept annoying me. The cover system for example, I'd be running parallel to a wall and suddenly I'd be pressed up against it, or some random object I'm running past. Another thing was the shooting. I don't think Umbrella's best covert ops team would spray bullets while aiming down sights. If anything, I think not aiming is more accurate. Oh, and one last thing, I'm not sure if it's just me but this game is extremely dark in some occasions.

The enemy AI is horrible! I honestly had both zombie and human enemies running/walking past me half the time. They would either completely ignore me, or become a mob. And from time to time, zombies would become invincible taking in a whole clip right into their forehead. Boss fights weren't nearly as challenging as previous games and would end abruptly.

Your Team
If you do not have 3 other friends willing to play a 4 player co-op I strongly urge you not even to attempt the campaign! The AI is far worse than the enemies'. I had the medic in my team, and 9 times out of 10, she would be the one on the floor calling out for help. She would walk into traps even a monkey would see. The other team mates were either in the way, or somewhere off in the distance trying to kill that one zombie. Vector, the covert sneaky kind of guy, is useless because enemies can somehow see him even if invisible.

Though I enjoyed seeing moments from the 2nd and 3rd parts in a different perspective, I could not overcome the fact that this game was an utter failure. I really hope Resident Evil 6 is an improvement, but after seeing this game, I don't see how it could get any worse. This game is definitely  rent only those to who wish to see Umbrella's side of the story. If you are not a fan, or want to try something new, don't waste your time on this