Now, if you're expecting a full fledged Resident Evil game you're going to be sadly mistaken. This game is nothing like your normal Resident Evil game.... Now that you've let that sink in allow me to continue, this game veers away from the main stoy arch, taking place the same time as Resident Evil 2 and 3 respectively. You play through many of the familiar locations of the series, the police station, the Unbrella Labratory, the streets of Raccoon City, in a hybrid of a classic Resident Evil game, and a 3rd person shooter like Gears of War, it's awkward at first, but the shooting itself is smooth and very fun (some other aspects, not so much.)

The campaign (which you can play either solo, or co-op, is very short, it shouldn't take more than a few hours to complete (give or take), but the meat and potatoes so to speak is the various online modes. All of which I enjoyed quite a bit.


Takes place the same time as Resident Evil 2 and 3, you play as Umbrella Special Ops soldiers sent on a mission to destroy the G-virus samples, and mayhem ensues. This game is a special 'what if' installment where you can (if you choose) kill off some of the heroes of the series (and thus making 4 and 5 impossible lol).


Graphically, the characters looks awesome (Nemesis in particular), but honestly aside from that, everything looks mediocre, the city and environment itself doesn't look overwhelming, and after awhile get's repetitive.


The sound of the zombie... uhmm I mean 'infected' enemies and the voice acting is superb, but aside from that everything else is either bad, or just annoying.


The controls, if you've played games like Gears or War or Uncharted should be pretty easy to pick up and play, but unless you're a hardcore fan of the Resident Evil series you'll have a hard time really getting behind the story and characters.


Online is fun, and with two seperate endings you may, or may not find yourself playing this over and over again, personally, unless you're a big online gamer I wouldn't reccomend this at all.