Okay got the game on launch night and played it through and cleared it out today and played a bit of MP.

Story: 5/10- Far too short and not as much depth as I'd hoped for, and early on there is a level that just overwhelmed me and a squad of online players where we were surrounded by lickers and pratically couldn't take a step without getting grabbed. The story does have a nice turn on it and all but it just desn't execute well.

Gameplay: 7/10 : Not many flaws at all. Cover system works pretty much how it should, you may not be able to cover in certain spots but generally you won't be in those spots. The guns have an accurate feel to them based upon other games, the melee system works well as a quck get away method t stun enemies. The Auto Shoot feature is a little clumsy but I only found myself using it twice. The level ups are pretty simple, but one in particular is odd. But it turns your EXP into currency rather than gold. Pick up items are spread pretty occordignly, although I did find myself always looking for anti viral spray a inoopurtune tmes.

Multiplayer: 7/10 : The basic Team Deathmatch with B.O.W.'s thrown in is hectic and a blast. I actually found myself facing a Tyrant ALONE as my team fought the other to keep me alive and them away from it. Killng zombies is like cannon fodder worth nothing, but Hunters and Tyrants are all worth points towrd yur final score as well as the method you kill opposing team members.

Heroes Mode is basically the same but the option to play as series symbolic characters. You have a bit more health and when you die you come back as a standard Campaign character. The team that loses all their Heroes loses.

Survivor: Is the = of Survival or Horde mode where you fight until escape comes, then you fght to get one of four seats on the chopper. Pretty fun when the chpper shows up and everyone is in all out war fr the seats.

Graphics: 8/10 Not on par with 5 but honestly I did not expect it to be. Looks fine.

Sound: 6/10 Music is good and fits in with Resident Evil universe music, but it is forgettable much easier. Also the voice acting is good, but sme sounds are overly repetitive, there is only one "grunt" for standing and it can throw team mates of if you dived or were knocked down.

Personal Fun Factor: 9/10 : I enjoy the hectic style VS modes and gameplay as a whole. Definetly a keeper for me.

Overall Score: 7 out of a possible 10.

Questions or details I missed just ask on here. Also I did not put the Bihazard Mode because I have yet to play it....