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Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection

New Screens Show Off Collection's Upgraded And Ghastly Visuals

Capcom has released a batch of new screens for Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection, which will give bloodthirsty gamers a good idea of its visual superiority over the original Wii titles.

The Chronicles HD collection contains upgraded ports of both Darkside Chronicles and Umbrella Chronicles, and will be released digitally on PSN this June. The games will feature PlayStation Move compatibility, which has proven to a decent light gun substitute, but the real draw is the HD visuals. The new screens are in the gallery below, but be sure to check out the original debut trailer if you haven't seen it already.

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  • This should be a PSN download for $14.99... Capcom hook us up!

  • I loved both the Chronicles games. I thought they did a really good job of retelling the old stories but still mixing it up, like with the Wesker campaign arc and the HUNK mission. Hell, they even managed to integrate some of the ideas from the first RE movie. I'm not going to buy them again for the visual upgrade, but I definitely recommend them.

  • With all this Resident Evil stuff today Mortal and Aaron are really going to go crazy....
  • a very capcom day

  • Look at all the Resident Evil! And it definitely looks better than the Wii versions.

  • Capcom; we try to make you buy the same game three times in a 5 years spawn. I'm astonished to see people still buying their games
  • Mod

    I wonder if this will be similar to Dead Space Extraction where you can use the Dualshock instead of the Move.

  • all good things wii make their way to the ps3.

  • Mod

    looking good.

  • I've been waiting for more Move compatible light gun simulating games. So far it's basically Time Crisis and various incarnations of House of the Dead, which are both very entertaining and all, but not too big on story.

  • cooool

  • Want. gimmie now!

  • Looks decent, hopefully there will be a demo.

  • i forgot what the storyline is for these games? or was it a mix of some of the RE titles??
  • Might get this.

  • Looks great! Now I just need a Move.

  • Looks really pretty.

  • Sweeeeeet! I'm getting it. I just wish it wasn't digital only :/
  • Awesome!

  • Nice! Very pretty! :)

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