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  • Blog Post: Incredible Co-op With A Few Kinks

    When Resident Evil 2 arrived on the PlayStation back in 1998, the ambitious game astonished me. Protagonists Leon and Claire each had two full scenarios that filled in story gaps in the other, Pulp Fiction -style, resulting in four unique, complementary playthroughs. Fast-forward to 2012 and Resident... More
  • Blog Post: Exclusive Screens Reveal Zombie-Tossing, Mercenaries Mode

    To celebrate our month of coverage for the Hot 50 2012 , we're rolling out eight exclusive Resident Evil 6 screens. These gory, over-the-top screens hint at some surprising new twists for the game. A behemoth of a boss towers over our heroes, Chris chucks a zombie at other zombies, and a flesh-eater... More
  • Blog Post: Six Things To Know About Resident Evil 6

    We dove into all three of Resident Evil 6’s campaigns. Here are the big bullet points we walked away with. The game is fun: this game was designed to be a better shooter. Being able to move and shoot is a big change for the series, but it feels great. Aiming is a little looser that previous titles... More
  • Blog Post: An Hour With Chris, Leon, And Jake

    Some E3 demos last as little as five minutes, while others can go on for up to a half hour. That’s why it was a special treat to sit down and truck through a full hour of Resident Evil 6. I got to play through sections of Leon’s, Chris’, and Jake Wesker’s campaigns. From spooky... More
  • Blog Post: Producer Talks Moving And Shooting, Wesker's Son, And More

    Capcom has been satisfying hungry Resident Evil fans with revealing, gorgeous trailers and hordes of screenshots, but we want more. We crave more details about the upcoming horror game. We got the chance to stave off our fervent hunger by conducting a Q&A with Resident Evil 6 producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi... More
  • Blog Post: New Screens Show Off Wesker's Son And Sherry Birkin

    A new batch of gorgeous Resident Evil 6 screens have dropped to get fans excited for the game’s new October 2 release date. I doubt seasoned B.S.A.A. agents would examine top-secret bio-weapon plans with the same voracity as Resident Evil fans poring over these screens. These screenshots include... More
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