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Snow Zombies Rampage In New Resident Evil 6 Video

A new Resident Evil 6 level called Snow-Covered Mountain was shown at Capcom's Gamescom press conference earlier today. This demo starts off with Jake Muller and Sherry Birkin trapped in a cabin. After a few seconds, this quaint abode is overrun with zombies, gun-wielding freaks, and strange head-crab/human hybrids. The battle that unfolds in this small space is intimate and intense. Jake and Sherry make a run for it, just as an avalanche hits the cabin. You can watch the entire video below.

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  • Looks pretty neat, but of course, zombies and snow mix.
  • looks intense

  • I'll suspend my disbelief that they would survive that much machine gun fire, for now.
  • That's intense.

  • I liked how inaccurate the enemy SAF was and being how close quarters it was thats just not making any sense in my head. I know for a fact in close quarters an AK-47 is just as good as a shot-gun and will shred armor in just a couple of rounds. I also liked at 2:31 the enemy delayed shooting the PC when the PC exposed hisself in the window. I really liked the snow though it was scenic.

  • Head crabs?....snow?...I'm tempted to make an Episode 3 joke.
  • did it say one of the things it was rated M for was Nudity? thats just great. I detest sexuallity in video games.
  • Drooling, so excited for this

  • That looks insane. I like how the enemies dissipate into the air like a Blade movie.

  • How sad RE has ended up like this. RE1,2,3+CV here I come!!
  • "Snow Zombies" hmm seems quite interesting. Anyone remember that movie with Nazi Zombies it was a c rated movie set in some sort of snow. This should be entertaining capcom. Though i am not going to be suprised 1 bit once i play the game. thanks for that lol
  • Dear Capcom, enough trailers, we're excited, you are just ruining it for us now.

    Love, July

  • Man, those creatures looked scary.  There should be a sequence in the game where one of those lands head first in a boiling pot of hot water.

  • No zombies?

  • quick time events and infected with guns...what  i don't like what i see but im going to give it a try

  • Those things looked like the monsters from Lost Planet. That whole time watching this video I was like "shoot the orange part and collect the heat".
  • This game is going to be soooo good... ^_^

  • looks like this game will be better than 4.  awesome.  

  • Those fellers are taking an unhealthy amount of bullets.

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