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Resident Evil 6

Exclusive Screens Reveal Zombie-Tossing, Mercenaries Mode

To celebrate our month of coverage for the Hot 50 2012, we're rolling out eight exclusive Resident Evil 6 screens. These gory, over-the-top screens hint at some surprising new twists for the game. A behemoth of a boss towers over our heroes, Chris chucks a zombie at other zombies, and a flesh-eater rises from the grave.

This screen hints that players will have the ability to pick up enemies and throw them at other enemies. It's not necessarily safe when dealing with biohazardous monsters, but it looks cool.

Could this be some sort of tiki party tucked away in Tall Oaks, or has Leon arrived in China at this point?

An odd new J'avo transformation. We're not totally sure what's happening here.

Chris, Piers, Sherry, and Jake team up to take on what appears to be one of the Resident Evil series' biggest foes.

Capcom says four-player co-op will become available at select points in the game. Thankfully, it appears that you'll be teaming up with friends to take on his humongous boss.

Does the C-virus reanimate the already deceased? This shot of a zombie crawling forth from a grave suggests that's the case.

Jake Muller looks like he inherited some melee fighting ability from his father, Wesker.

This glimpse at Mercenaries mode suggests players will be on a cruise ship at some point. Traditionally, maps in Mercenaries mode are based off single-player locations. Does this mean the campaign will take the player out to sea?

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  • Good this looks great
  • They seriously better improve upon the demo's bugs or I see this game getting a 7/10 at best.
  • This game needs to hurry and come out already.
  • Wow, RE6 is shaping up to possibly be the best title this year. Every morsel of info makes me want to pre-order.
  • Zombie tossing? Ha, sounds a lot more ridiculous and funner than boulder-punching.
  • I haven't played the RE6 demo yet, since my code isn't redeemable until September, but is that a zombie with a gun I spy with my little eye in the last screenshot? What the *** happened to Resident Evil?
  • I can not wait, man I wish it were October already. I'm getting SS with all characters and all stages in Mercenaries again. Didn't know there was 4 player co-op awesome.
  • I like the reanimating of already dead people concept, it seems to bring some old RE zombies I love.

  • Zombies aren't scary anymore.
  • Resident Evil lost all of it's horror genre glory after 3. it's just not the same anymore. And i agree with EbilCanival23, it's just another third-person shooter now.
  • Why do some of the zombies looks cell shaded-ish?
  • Mod

    is that the ship from 5 haha. im going to toss me some zombies

  • I'm excited about Mercenaries mode and 4-player co-op. And yes when you play as Jake in the demo, one of his weapons is just his fists; he can do hand-to-hand combos that look very similar to Wesker's fighting style (kung fu-esque strikes and that signature uppercut move in the screenshot).

  • I would like to throw a few zombies around...sounds like fun.

  • So.. how did that one zombie become a giant?
  • Perhaps the cruis ship level is the Queen Zenobia from Resident Evil: Revelations.
  • After palying the demo, I don't think it's going to be good. The camera is incredibly annoying and two of the campaigns had too much action in them.

  • I just want to be able to punch boulders again.
  • I think this will be the first resident evil that I won't buy, it seriously looks ridiculously bad. The remake for game-cube of the first one has to be one of the best I've played and I wished for more game play and style like that. Things change I suppose...
  • looks pretty cool.5 was good and all but i hope they back to more of the basics. cant wait to fight that disgruntled bus driver.

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