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Resident Evil 6

Six Things To Know About Resident Evil 6

We dove into all three of Resident Evil 6’s campaigns. Here are the big bullet points we walked away with.

  1. The game is fun: this game was designed to be a better shooter. Being able to move and shoot is a big change for the series, but it feels great. Aiming is a little looser that previous titles, but the action is even faster, the enemies are smarter, and you are able to take cover and perform melee attacks with wild abandon.
  2. The game looks great: Environments and characters feature high details, and enemies mutate in strange ways. We watch one creature transform into a grizzly Dead Space-like man-moth creature that squirted yellow pus everywhere when we ripped off its wings.
  3. Old school fans will like it, and so will new school fans: Leon’s sequence moves at a very slow pace, but its an interesting and nerve-wracking one. Fans of the earlier entries in the series will like the moody atmosphere, character cameos, and wealth of references to older games. Fans of RE 5 will love Chris’s campaign and its action focus.
  4. The story actually seems interesting: the areas we played contained a few descent lines of dialogue, and even though the sections were out of context, the story beats were intriguing and we wanted to know what happened next. The voice actors also do a great job.
  5. Inventory management has been improved: you won’t have to juggle inventory items, and you can mix herbs again. You can also set certain inventory items to hot keys. Weapons and grenades can be swapped with the tap of the d-pad, and health items can be used with the instant tap of a button.
  6. The game is massive: the game features three campaigns, and players will be able to start any of them without completing the others first. The game’s narrative takes you from quiet eastern European villages to a giant overpopulated Chinese metropolis – from the glow of an evening city street to a posh, abandoned hotel.

If you want to know more about Resident Evil 6, be sure to check out our more in-depth impressions of our hands-on time with the game’s co-op, or our video preview of the three campaigns.

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  • |More action packed 0_0
  • Don't care if it's not Survival Horror anymore. I can play other S.H gams like amnesia, but Resident Evil is my fav. series since I was a kid. Let's do this! Day 1 for me!
  • This game is getting a little too actiony for me, even as i type that i know ill still play it and love it, so disregard my previous statement lol

  • I'm still excited for Resident Evil 6, but I believe the developers picked a poor sequence to demo onstage. Although scares are harder to convey when sitting in a massive theater with hundreds of other viewers, I believe showing the attempts they've made to evoke the eerie atmosphere of the original trilogy would have won more of the crowd over.
  • 1st! *slap in face* 2nd! *punch in gut* 3rd! *round-house kick* i give up i think i am 5th or 6th

    so now i gotta think of a witty comment!

    the state holiday railroads the biscuit

  • Very excited for this game.

  • Haters gonna hate, I'm still getting this. I never cared for the survival aspects of the game. I just liked the variety of creatures and the weaponry. That's why RE4 is the best in the series, IMO.
  • I want to know more about the upgrade system and how it works in this one.

  • The story seems somewhat interesting lol

  • Are all these different campaigns completely isolated or do they all converge into a cohesive picture near the end? My guts tells me it is the latter but that would seem to present problems when you think about who exactly would control all those characters if they all ran into one another, unless it differed for each campaign.
  • Okay, this is a better preview than what Capcom gave. Their determination to push Co-Op to the forefront is slightly scaring me as I do not want to encounter another Sheva riddled game (I mean AI wise, not character wise). Overall the game looks fine, though far more action focused than others in the series. I'm still going to wait for a demo before giving final judgement, but my interest has returned.
  • Why do the Japanese hate PC's so much?
  • 1. If wanted I to play a shooter, I'd play a dedicated shooter. Not a game that's trying to be both survival horror and a shooter, and from what I've seen of the E3 content, doing neither particularly well.

    2. I agree, the game does look very nice. Some of the environments are a tad generic, though.

    3. I haven't seen anything to suggest old school fans will like RE6 any better than RE5. Most old school fans seem pretty cold towards this game on Capcom's forums.
  • Mod
    Bought, paid for, shelled out boo coo amounts of cash, will buy giant expensive super platinum case edition as soon as it's offered, haters gonna hate, call the cops I just don't give a ****! :D
  • I would play this, and it looks fun, but i can't stand zombies. I will not play or watch anything having to do with zombies. It's a shame, cause it looks like a lot of improvements have been made.
  • i love resident evil with all my heart

  • the game shaping up to be dope!!! Excited for it lol.

  • I personally can't wait. It's good to see that there are some slower paced horror sections along with the action. Hopefully it'll be balanced nicely.

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