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Resident Evil 6

Resident Evil 6 Gets New Trailer, Release Date

Wesker's son? Sherry Birkin? C-Virus? The new trailer for Resident Evil 6 reveals many new plot points.

The game is getting a new release date. Though Capcom announced a November 20 date not too long ago, the game is now shipping on October 2 this year.

Get a look at the trailer below.

  • I think I want this game now...
  • Okay, I wasn't sure about the game before but I want to play it right now!

  • Holy crap! I really hope they include some kind of catch-up reel that brings all previous games' story and explains it clearly...
  • Awesome.  Also that ending fight between Leon and Chris was interesting.  I want this game, now.

  • earlier release dates are always good

  • my mind is officially  blown.....

  • Holy crap Leon vs Chris
  • WESKER JR?!? what?...
  • I have NEVER seen Capcom do this with a game before, push up the release date.
  • This has definitely got me more excited for this game, and it comes out near my birthday, sweet.

  • If Capcom manages to mess this up, I will lose all faith in the company. Seriously, this game looks amazing.

  • oh man, this is gonna be freakin amazing, cant wait for october

  • Ada confirmed for bad guy this time.

    AWW YEAH!!

  • October can't come soon enough.

  • Thoughts before watching: Jeez, how convoluted is this thing going to get? Thoughts after watching: Holy S***! A lady that looks and sounds remarkably like Ada Wong, and a throwdown between Chris and Leon!? SOLD ON THIS GAME!!!
  • Wesker junior? Well alrighty then...

  • with all the OCtober releases this year, Bioshock, RE6, Borderlands ect.. makes me wonder what uber blockbusters we can expect for a November release
  • Looks pretty cool, but I want to see gameplay first...
  • Really? A VHS tape? What year is this game set?
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