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Resident Evil 6

New Screens & Details For Resident Evil 6

Capcom has just dropped a mess of new screens and details about Resident Evil 6.

Below is an official FAQ from Capcom that details a number of questions we've all had about the game, which comes out on November 20 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, with a later date for the PC version.

For more, check out the game's debut trailer and Tim's speculative dissection of its details.


It has already been revealed that Chris Redfield heads to China during the course of the game, but we can now confirm that the main location in China will be a fictitious coastal town called Lanshiang.

When does RE6 take place?

There has been some confusion surrounding when the game is set, so to set the record straight: Resident Evil 6 takes place in 2013.

Character profiles

  • Leon S. Kennedy: Following the Raccoon City incident Leon was recruited as a U.S. government agent by none other than Adam Benford, who would later become the President of the United States. Ever since the nightmare that was Raccoon City, Leon has made it his life’s work to eradicate bioterrorism.
  • Helena Harper: Like Leon, she is also a government agent, but was in the process of transferring to the Secret Service to become one of the President's personal bodyguards. In the announcement trailer it is Helena who admits to Leon that she is the one responsible for this incident.
  • Chris Redfield: The ex-S.T.A.R.S member who continued the fight against bioterrorism as the leader of the BSAA underwent a personal trauma some six months prior to the events depicted in RE 6. In spite of this he has rejoined his BSAA colleagues in China to uncover a major bioterrorist attack.
  • The mysterious third protagonist: We’re still trying to track down his real identity, but we do know this man is a mercenary currently engaged in a bloody conflict in Eastern Europe where reports confirm that B.O.W.s are increasingly being used. One day, he's told that he is the man to save the world. Whilst he doesn't understand the implications of this, he does immediately think how much money he can make from it.
  • Ingrid Hunnigan: A member of Field Operations Support (FOS), Ingrid has been working with Leon for a long time, and they share a mutual trust.
  • Adam Benford: President of the United States and the man who hired Leon after the Raccoon City incident.


  • Zombies: Yes they are back, but now they run, jump at you, even use weapons and as such are different from those encountered in previous games.
  • J’avo: Named by the BSAA after the Serbian word for "demon," the first J'avo made an appearance in the conflict zone of Eastern Europe about six months before the action of Resident Evil 6. The J’avo still exhibit certain human elements – such as the ability to understand speech, work together as a group and use weapons – but they are also incredibly aggressive, and a number of their actions have regressed to pure instinct. When a J’avo takes damage it has the ability to regenerate itself. However, if it is receives major damage then it will mutate that affected body part into a number of varied forms, meaning players will have to rethink their strategy and adapt to this unpredictability.

Redesigned Control System

Resident Evil 6 features an evolved control system allowing players to shoot whilst moving; slide; roll in any direction and to take cover along with the addition of an enhanced melee attack.

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  • sounds like theyve taken care of a lot of things that made 5 not so good. as long as theres no *** sheva

  • hell yes for running zombies, and for whoevers against the idea, shut up.  would you really want dumb, slow moving, predictable zonmbies in a video game?? no, it would get repetitive and boring quick.

  • They couldve set this game in frickin candyland for all I care, as long as I get to run and gun without stopping. I hated stopping to aim, it evoked frustration instead of fear.

  • Capcom and there damn teases are driving me crazy. I saved all those screens =D

  • Its amazing how Capcom is using this game as a cashcow.

  • Cant wait... 4 was my fav, but if they can incorporate new movesets to the creepiness of the early ones while keeping the co-op from 5 this could be a new contender for that title. Here's hoping they nail it out of the park. Definately one of my must haves this year.

  • I just pre-ordered this! It looks awesome. The best of four and five combined plus new stuff. I hope that there is a mysterious stranger in this game with a thousand pounds of weapons hidden in his trench coat. "What are ya buyinn?"

  • Question: How many zombie infested cities and islands do we have to escape before we can get to the good original games? Answer: YOU TELL ME. It seems that the zombie genere is the gaming industry's go to game when they don't have any original ideas. When I was young killing zombie's was all the rage, but over the years the rage turned into hate. So congrats CAPCOM you are now the Stephenie Meyer of the Zombie Genere. By that, you made a big joke of the Zombie.
  • A thought just occurred to me. In the trailer for Resident Evil: Damnation, at the very end, Leon sees someone. He says "'s you!!!"

    Maybe this guy is that same guy that will be in Damnation? Damnation takes place in Eastern Europe after all. Maybe Damnation will come out this summer as a lead in to RE6, the way Degeneration was a lead-in to RE5.

  • So they are taking away the slow and cautious gameplay and turning it into an action/shooter?  Basically, it seems like it's becoming less of a survival horror and becoming more like Gears of War, like a few other games have done with their control/pacing.

  • Shooting and Walking?! SHOOTING AND WALKING!

    I don't think I care about the rest, I mean a Resident Evil game where you can shoot and walk? That's like the advancement of the decade!