Unlike most other games I've reviewed, this game is very complicated, and the score can go either way, depending on what level of Resident Evil fan someone is. It isn't very scary, like a Resident Evil game should be, but the focus on action does work very well.

This game plays more like a third person shooter than a survival horror game, and it does come off much better that way. It looks amazing, and I am still amazed by how good this game looks on Xbox 360. This game has four campaigns, and I will talk about each one. The best campaign is the Leon campaign, like many have said. It is just the best, and no other campaign compares. The next best is Jake's campaign. It is fun, although the one liners get annoying very quickly. The second worst is Ada's campaign. Unlike all of the others, it isn't a co-op campaign(they patched it in later, but this is on disk.) It isn't as fun, and I wonder why they couldn't work the story in a way that this campaign couldn't be cooperative. The worst campaign is easily Chris's campaign. While it functions, it really plays like a third person military shooter type campaign, and it doesn't work for Resident Evil. It isn't broken, but it isn't very fun to play through. The story, which Capcom said was the focus for this game, isn't really that great. It ties all of the campaigns together, but it feels half-attempted. The story isn't really that great. Unless you really care, you won't really care to remember the story all that much. I usually don't care about the voice acting, but can really be bad at times, especially in Jake's campaign, where he uses a lot of one liners that really annoy me.

This game isn't a complete waste of time, but if you are a real huge Resident Evil fan, than this game might not be what you want to buy. But it does do the "Call Of Duty effect" that almost every game seems to be doing quite well. I would really like people to play this game, because it is a great game, even though it really isn't even a Resident Evil game at heart.