This has the original content from the retail copy of Resident Evil 5 but includes all the DLC that was released since it's coming. The contents include Versus, Lost in Nightmares, Desperate Escape, and Mercenaries Reunion. Each with they're own unique additions to the already high replay value of this game.

  • Versus: Versus is as simple as it's name. Versus pits main character against character giving the parasites a back seat to trying to kill you in this competitive version.
  • Lost in Nightmares: Fans will love this, corny pun, blast from the past as Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine explore the Wesker mansion in a nerve-wracking experience. Probably answering the cries of "foul" that the series has received when it went for a more action vibe than the tension-filled horror that the series is known for. Those shouts are silenced as you can cut the tension with a knife while walking through corridor after corridor with nothing but your puny, blood-filled bodies, proving that Capcom can still pull off a few old tricks.
  • Desperate Escape: This one simply tells the story of where Jill and that other guy (that really didn't leave an impression, think his name started with a J). Apparently they meet each-other on the way out of the facility and go through what is essentially an extension to the game-play of 5. The only thing this part of the DLC has to offer is a small, timed, survival at the end while you wait for the means of escape. The weakest of the rest of the DLC in my opinion. 
  • Mercenaries Reunion: The comeback of the characters in the mercenaries that appeared in 4 (give or take a few). The characters are fun with new load-outs and attacks that go with the character's own personality (suck as Birken's Miranda Rights finishing move).