Let me start this with the fact that I am not going to judge this game as a Resident Evil game, that would be unfair because it really isn't, along with 4. In fact I hate 4 (THAT'S RIGHT I JUST SAID THAT!) But back to the game, it is great and a must-buy for anyone who hasn't bought the game yet or sold it awhile ago like me.

   Let us start with my favorite part of the game, The Mercenaries Reunion. This is the reason I bought Gold Edition aside from all the other stuff. You get to play as a bunch of characters (all of the new) in the same maps with Jill narrating instead of Josh (probably because Josh is down there fighting too, now.) My only problem I have with this mode in particular is the fact that you can't play with normal Mercenaries, making it hard to find a match sometimes. My favorite character is Barry Burton because he is awesome and I get an attack called the "Barry Sandwich". He says famous quotes such as "What IS this?" and "I have THIS!" But you don't get to use his revolver, which is okay, because we all know the game would crash after the first bullet is shot. There is also Rebbeca Chamers, you know, that annoying girl you hae live with throughout RE0 and 1? Yeah, I know you don't want to relive THOSE moments, but she is suprisingly fun to use. Enough of the Mercs chatter.

   The next part of the game is Lost in Nightmares, the flashback to Chris and Jill when they go to Spencer's Estate. I like this because it somewhat reminded me of Resident Evil. There could have been normal zombies, that would have made it the best part, but NO, they have to add these cheap monsters that ussually kill you in one hit. Although the puzzles feel much like RE, they aren't very challenging by any means, and since I've been playing Heavy Rain I would hold down L2 hoping for thoughts to come up for some reason. I know, I'm wierd, but that would be cool, and you know it.

  The least impressive part of the DLC would have to be Desperate Escape. You play as Jill and Josh as you mow down Majini after Majini (heh, Manjini Lol) while blowing up gate after gate to get to the end where you have to mow down Majini after Majini. I liked playing as Josh Stone and it really is action packed, but sometimes there actually is a grinding feel to it. Of course I think so, I know people that love Desperate Escape.

   The game also comes with some skins for your characters in the main story, Heavy Metal, Warrior, Buisness, and Fairy Tale.

In all a great game that should go to anyone. P.S. the fact that you get to play as Barry is worth $50.