Did I love the original release of Resident Evil 5? Well, lets not use the "L" word, lets just say I really liked it.

Lets Go back a little. Back to the MEAT of the original RE5.

I had been playing RE4 for weeks in preperation of 5. However I found that though it was lots of FUN, it didnt live up to my standards (and as a hooker those are resonably low). I felt that unlike the well paced RE4, RE5 was like short bursts of fighting between way, WAY over the top action cut scenes. Which would be okay if the story was great. How was the story? "meh" at best. I predict that the last episode of LOST will feel the same. All those mysteries that have held you over since the beginning only to be mashed quick and messy during the last few minutes.Major WTF's are in store for any hardcore RE fan whohas stayed conscious throught the past RE's. Oh boy, my mild disappointment.

Side note: and the Special Edition of RE5? By far the worst Special Edition I have ever purchased. It came with a McDonalds toy Chris Redfield. A "messenger bag" that was more like a purse made out of single ply toilet paper, an ADORABLE necklace for men, and a DVD loaded with all that crap you don't care about.

Now for all those "Gold extras" I actually downloaded the two extra stories (lost in nightmares and escape from new york:D jk jk THATwould've been SIIIICK it was actually great escape or something)I made these purchases on the recomendation of this JOKE of a publication! (thats also a big JK, I love this magazine! but don't touch me, and go out the back door so my friends don't see you. K?) and I found that NEITHER quinched my thirst. Both were short, VERY short. It felt like a senior citizen/child sized sandwich, and I'm a grown boy GAWDDAMMIT. As for the extra costumes? IDK I don't usually care what my videogame characters are wearing. And none of them were revealing enough (SheeeeevaaaaAAAH!!! show me your PILLAWS! veeeery nice. where'd you get those, bed bath and beyond? PIER UNO?!) Versus? Can't really say anything on it, cuz I stopped burning my E-Cash on RE5 before it was too late. I assume it was the same -ish quality that the other downloads were. But don't hold me to it.

Why am I reviewing this?So people like ME don't make the same mistake of wasting their hard earned Zenny. I liked RE5, don't get me wrong buddy. I liked the gameplay, the bosses were Tony the tiger great, it offered a lot of incetive to keep playing (and I maxed out everything, trust me), it was challenging, and rewarding and If you LOVED RE4 you might fall "IN LIKE" with RE5. For all the great things in RE5, I found that the DLC didn't add on to it. No incentive to Re-play Lost or Escape for example. I liked RE5 enough to think they could make it better with DLC and I was wrong. If your a hardcore fan of RE5 chances are you already have the DLC, and will defend it REGAURDLESS of how you really feel about it. For everyone else keep moving, there is nothing to see here.

Oh and the pathetic 7 score is for the DLC only.