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Quick Fundamental: All out play through

Resident Evil 5

Quick Fundamental: All out play through

        Resident Evil 5 all out


   So if your a player of this game, and want to know a quick way to have a massive easy and fun filled play with your friends simply get the ALL of the high machine guns as well as the shotguns infinite ammunition.


  The fastest way of doing this is to first focus on upgrading the primary pistol, or any other variant without too much of a high price. Once you get the infinite bullets for that weapon then you can just keep ALL of the currency until you amass a good amount, then with that you can start to fully upgrade out all the weapons in get infinite bullets for all.



   Once you get this you'll be able to have massive fun filled party of smg and shotgun galore, also if you have an advanced friend playing by your side, try having just Magnum (infinite bullets) on and play through ALL the levels,

nice fun and easy new ways to play through the game, 

have fun. 

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  • It is kind of a pain to upgrade your weapons in the begining but at the end it is worth all the trouble. Sometimes redoing some of the stages can land you tons of cash, especially the Ruins Stage. I personally like to upgrade my machine guns.

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