OK!! so you may have noticed on resident evil 5 it is usually better to have an actual partner playing with you because usually the AI computer wastes ammo and health.But it took me and my friend literally a week to figure out how to beat him. So if you want to feel good about yourself, im going to tell you how to beat wesker in the air craft hangar and in the volcano all by yourself. and make sure to save atleast 2 RPG's for the volcano.

how to get the guns:

If youve beaten the game and have 50,000 dollars to blow i highly suggest buying a minigun (chris only) but if you haven't i have an easier way and it may take some time, but ITS FREEEEEEEE!! okso what your going to do is, your going to go to chapter  3-1 (the marshlands) and if you go out in the middle of the lake your going to see a sunken ship. dock and walk to the half of the ship that is the highest in the air, there should be a bridge of 2-3 boards leading up to a platform and on there is an RPG. so grab that and proceed to the next part of the level after you get to the next part after it saves, just quit and play it once or twice more to get one or two more RPG's so then if youve followed instructions so far you should have3-4 RPG's, the reason for this is because when in the hangar, youre going to have to get and RELOAD the RPG's they give you so use those 1ce or 2ce because they take FOREVER to reload. And since you can only weild one RPG at a time your going to have to give 1 to your partner to hold until you need it in the volcano.

In the Hangar:

ok so if you got past the part of the level with the giant roaches and mini gun guys you should i believe you should be getting near the aircraft hangar so what you do if your there is, shut off all of the lights and go to a corner of the room and in a glass case there should be a free RPG and up the ladders and platforms you see where ever you see them is the ammo for it. so you shut off all of the lights and get out an RPG  and fire it at wesker from a distance,(if you get too close he'll know where you are and dodge it) immediately after he'll catch the warhead so you have to get closer and shoot it. it'll explode  and he'll be knealing on the groung slightly wounded so you have to restrain him and hopefully your partner is close enought to inject him with the virus he has to inject himself with to sustain his body and it will slightly overdose him so then if youve done this correctly he will try to take off and he'll give an hour-long speech about uroboros and you'll all have an epic cutscene fight. after you beaten him AGAIN you'll crash into a volcano where wesker will absorb the power of uroboros and transform like krauser in RE4.

 In The Volcano:

Now you have to run from wesker until you get to a short cutscene of the rock bridge breaking and wesker will chase after whoever fell when the bridge collapsed. so the person on the higher ground has  to shoot wesker until he shows his weak spot and goes after the higher-up person. so then the lower person has to run over to a boulder and  push it down so then they can reunite with their partner and then they will both be chased by wesker. This is when your going to need your RPG's so if you havnt exposed his weak spot again already just shoot an RPG at him and when it appears you just use the 1 your partner is holding for you and shoot the weak spot thi should result in an immediate elimination of albert wesker where after your going to go to a cutscene where a helecopter comes to evac sheva and chris so then after you think weskers gone he jumps back out of the lava and grabs the chopper so then jill tells you to use the 2 RPS's conveniently placed on the wall of the chopper so you have to shoot him 1 last time and he should be finished. so after you epic battle there should be a short cutscene of chris talking about if doing this is worth it or not and then. YOU BEAT THE GAME!! =) happy pwning