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  • Blog Post: Chilling morbid atmosphere,horrifying enemies and great new gameplay enhancements made it one of the best horror titles ever and now add HD visuals.

    Resident Evil 4 was a great advancement in the RE series because the front-on view gives you a more realistic glimpse of the environments and horrifying enemies who are trying to kill you and it made the shooting mechanics work much better because it's easier to aim your weapon at enemies with a... More
  • Blog Post: A revolutionary classic that holds up well

    The original Resident Evil and its sequels prior to Resident Evil 4 are known for survival horror. Common themes and mechanics include zombies, fixed camera angles, incredible lack of ammunition, puzzles and a limited save system. There was never much in the way of action or shooter mechanics, and players... More
  • Blog Post: This Is Survival Horror At Its Finest

    It'd be a common thing to say that Resident Evil 4 is the main reason why many people began playing the video game series. In my case, it wasn't that I played RE4 first and loved it so much that I went back to try out its predecessors. It was because I felt compelled to play the original titles... More
  • Blog Post: More like Resident Evil 4 - Holy Damn

    Whether you think RE4 was the bee's knees, and a much needed breath of fresh life/souls of the younger generation to reinvigorate a dying franchise, or you think the game is overrated, everyone should agree on one thing: Resident Evil 4 was a good game. Maybe you think it's not a good Resident... More
  • Blog Post: Several Years And A Console Generation Later, Resident Evil 4 Still Stands Out

    When Resident Evil 4 was released on the GameCube back in 2005, it universally praised by the gaming community for making a beloved franchise as intense and fun as it has ever been. It's been several years since the original release and the game has been released on several different platforms, each... More
  • Blog Post: Resident Evil 4 HD: A More Visual Zombie Infestation

    This year marks the 15 th anniversary of the Resident Evil franchise, and Capcom decided to honor this event with discounted versions of past entries in the series, as well as a remake of Resident Evil 4 for both PS3 and Xbox 360. Running at $20 on both systems, the updated zombie survival game is a... More
  • Blog Post: Resident Evil 4 Resurrected

    Back in 2005 when I was 11, when this game first came out, my friend brought this game over to a party I was having. I could hardly keep my eyes open. About 3 months ago, I decided purchase the PS2 version and give this hit game a try. It sat in my basement for a good month until I finally worked up... More
  • Blog Post: Resident Evil 4 HD Review

    Having never completely finished this classic when it was first released on the last generation of consoles, I was ecstatic when I heard that Capcom would be re-releasing Resident Evil 4 in HD. The gameplay that helped revolutionize third-person shooters still holds up today and the HD graphics make... More
  • Blog Post: Retro Review: Resident Evil 4 HD; The Series-Changing Epic Still Looks Good

    Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 By now if you’re a survival/horror fan who hasn’t played Capcom’s Resident Evil 4 you’ve most likely been living under a rock for the past ten years. Hailed as not only one of the most solid Resident Evil games to date but... More
  • Blog Post: re4 ps3/360 review

    This is a port of my own most played game of all time. I have played every edition of this title minus the pc version, so my run of this game runs deep. I'd give every version of this game a perfect score up till now because each version added something new and fresh. The gamecube version gave us... More
  • Blog Post: r e 4 hd

    forgot how bad the controls were but still fun More
  • Blog Post: Yep,Resident Evil 4 was a stepping stone and it deserved to be remade.

    Resident Evil 4 was a turning point for the Resident Evil series.Cpacom had to head in a new direction from the old engine of Resident evil 3.i have it 4 gamecube and to me,the graphics blew me away.gameplay is so much fun.killing enemies,killing chainsaw maniacs and collecting guns while killing Ganados... More
  • Blog Post: A Masterpiece...

    When Resident Evil 4 was first released on the Gamecube I definitely wanted it. I got it like the next day. The game is amazing. Its not like the first three games but its definitely a step in the right direction for the series. The aiming is great, the guns & upgrades gives you something to look... More
  • Blog Post: Resident Evil HD Review (Better Reviews)

    If you want a more accurate review for those that have played RE4 before....follow this link. or this link You will find both to be less biased and more accurate to what is actually released... More
  • Blog Post: RE 4: Once More in HD

    Resident Evil 4 was the greatest game of the sixth generation, plain and simple. The new mechanics for this old franchise was a welcome change from the odd camera angles and imprecise shooting of the old games. The camera angles of the old style of Resident Evil created fear by not allowing you to see... More
  • Blog Post: Resident Evil 4: From Perfect to Perfect Again

    It's not hard to be astounded by Resident Evil as a series, but when Resident Evil 4 released it blew the minds of gamers all around the globe with it's revolutionary survival horror dynamics and fresh gameplay style. The original games in the series were eerie in a different kind of way, they... More
  • Blog Post: As Good As it Ever Was - Resident Evil 4 HD

    Allow me to start off by saying that this is my favorite game of all time. I purchased the original Gamecube release the week the game launched back in 2005. I played Resident Evil 4 so much that I found details the complimentary strategy guide was completely lacking. When Capcom announced the updated... More
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