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Remember Me

New Remember Me Screens Show Off Characters And Locations

Capcom has released a brand new batch of Remember Me screens that show off all kinds of unseen elements from the upcoming game.

You will see new locations and new characters. The screens come from Capcom's Unity blog, which showcases even more screens than our gallery below, if you want more.

Remember Me is headed to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC this year.

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  • This is going to be great! I'm very excited for this game.

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  • I haven't seen much info on this game but it has my interest.

  • Some truly amazing screen. I do enjoy how this game is looking.

  • I'm liking the art style for this game. I hadn't heard much about it until recently, but I'll definitely have to keep an eye on it now.

  • I have no idea what this game is about, what kind of game it is. However, the screens look intriguing so I'll probably pick this up on release. I like not knowing about games, it gives me something to wonder about.

  • I'm loving the art direction; the overall atmosphere it portrays is intriguing.  The story sounds interesting, and the combat looks fluid and fun.  I be wanting this game!

  • Mod

    I am super excited for this game!

  • I want this game so badly. I don't recall playing a game quite like this. Looking forward to a new experience.

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  • I hope this has a French language option. It would be a nice touch.

  • This game is looking cooler and cooler every time. The combat did look like it needed some work, but these environments look amazing.

  • Can't wait to at least play a demo.

  • Epic win.

  • The more I see, the more I become interested.