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Remember Me

Remember Me Developer Diary Examines The Score

The latest developer diary from developer Dontnod Entertainment looks at Remember Me's music, and shows a little bit of new gameplay.

The music is performed by the London Philharmonia as composed by Olivier Deriviere, and then it gets all electronicified to fit in into Remember Me's futuristic world. It feels reminiscent of The Matrix, and I swear I am hearing a little bit of the soundtrack from the movie Paprika in there, too, but I might just be going crazy.

You can check out the video below, and look out for Remember Me this year.

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  • Something about this game just irks me. It seems like it's trying to hard if that makes any sense.
  • The more I see of this, the more excited I get. This game is shaping up to be pretty epic.

  • I submitted this as a news tip 2 days ago why no credit?

  • I'm so pumped for this game. Everything about it seems so interesting.

  • Sweet.

  • Oh, it's Capcom? Guess if you actually want to hear the music in-game, you'll have to pay for a day one DLC unlock first.
  • Fantastic. I'm a big fan of sound distortions and distorted audio for games like these - should be very enjoyable!

  • This seems like a good game to lose yourself in during a literal or emotional rainy day.

  • I was kinda getting hyped for this game when it was first announced. Then I heard the voice acting. Yikes, cheesier than I can handle. Good luck to others, though.

  • pretty cool

  • I like how he's "glitching" the orchestrated stuff; it helps to create an attachment to the cyberpunk tone of the world. It needs something "futuristic" like that, y'know? We don't want another bland, overproduced, orchestral, generically Hollywood-style score. It needs more uniqueness, and the post-FX they're layering on could be just that. After DmC, I'm expecting GREATNESS from any future European-developed game Capcom develops, that's for sure. Of course, this is Dontnod's first game; DmC is Ninja Theory's 3rd or 4th or something. And Dontnod doesn't have people like Alex Garland and Andy Serkis helping 'em out with the story. Still, I'm pulling for ya, Dontnod! The game looks fantastic so far. Another great cyberpunk game, after Deus Ex and Binary Domain, and before Cyberpunk 2077...
  • The actual gameplay didn't look interesting to me, seems like just action and platforming with some memory minigames. The art style isn't that interesting to me either. I'm not really sure what people are looking forward to from this game. I hope I'm pleasantly surprised, but my initial impressions from what I see is usually right.
  • Look'in forward to seeing how this game shapes up. . .

  • It looks like it's going to be great.

  • New ip, awesome setting electronic music, and is a NEW IP have I mention that? Lol I'm sold.

  • This game's plot is pretty much a movie script I just submitted.

    Huzzah. :(

  • Outstanding!

  • This looks super interesting. :) I hope it does well.

  • ',:\

  • I will always love music related videos! Keep it coming!

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