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Remember Me

A Ten Minute Glance Of Remember Me That You Won't Forget

There were a lot of people at Gamescom this year, but in case you happened to miss it, here's a second shot to check out the demo of Remember Me that Dontnod Entertainment brought to the show.

Get a closer look at how Nilin will navigate through Remember Me's sci-fi world as well as the game's combat in the following video:

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  • looks alright... combat like batman, and she even has a kinesis tool like Isaac from Dead Space

  • Impressive, loved the seamless transitions from cutscenes to action. The visuals could use some work though, especially on the close ups of faces, but I know that its a ways away from release. All in all, quite impressive

  • cool !

  • Looks so epic! She was incredibly lucky not to get shot while she was climbing outside.

  • Once again. Capcom makes a pretty game. Yet in he end they still have the whole Ingrish deal. I mean they are getting better and yet it just turns me off to their games. If I wanted to play a pretty game. Do me the favor and don't hire voice actors and give me nothing but text to read.

    Thank you Capcom.

  • cant wait

  • This looks very promising. I would like to see more on how you change memories, as said by the game director.

  • This game looks like a really good, original game.  Great graphics.  Appears to be smooth gameplay.  Good platforming.  Looks good.  I'll continue to watch this game.

  • Seems very interesting but I can't help but feel like it's an on-the-rails game where you can't actually fail and you're really just moving a movie forward. I mean, there she is hanging in plain sight and the guy can't land a single shot, ever. It just fails to build tension.

    I'll keep an eye on this, always open to support new IPs, but being Capcom I'm also wary of on-disc DLC.

    Here's hoping...

  • A really unique idea. An agent with a device that enables her to steal people's memories. I have high hopes for this title.

  • I wasn't sure about this game upon hearing about it but the video has peaked my interest I must admit

  • Looks alright so far. A little annoyed by the voice acting though.