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Remember Me

A Ten Minute Glance Of Remember Me That You Won't Forget

There were a lot of people at Gamescom this year, but in case you happened to miss it, here's a second shot to check out the demo of Remember Me that Dontnod Entertainment brought to the show.

Get a closer look at how Nilin will navigate through Remember Me's sci-fi world as well as the game's combat in the following video:

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  • Ummm.... this isn't very interesting. Pretty much 3rd person Deus Ex. I don't understand why this same, boring sci-fi formula is so exciting to people. Like seriously, get excited about something awesome and new like Watch Dogs. Don't mean to troll but this is a very forgettable trailer.

  • That guy in the helicopter is a really bad shot...
  • I'm a sucker for quotes, real or part of the games fiction, leading into games, demos, and trailers. However that, combined with an interresting musical score, are not enough win me over due to the more mediocre elements in what I assume is a somewhat early build. I have a confession to make friends, I think i'm prejudiced against Capcom...
  • Looking forward to it next year

  • I'm really not convinced about this one. I guess I'll just wait and see.....

  • that actually looks really cool! i'll definitely have to check it out sometime

  • i like that the score is movie score like with its own little electric style, and no dubstep!

  • Loving the movie music with the glitching effect, not digging the voice acting but i'll get over it. What's up with the ledges being highlighted/holding your hand.
  • Here is what I took away from the video: Gameplay resembles Enslaved, which was great. Voice acting is lame. World looks great. Arkham-like combat looks cool, but I don't know if I could wipe the minds of enemies that's just cruel. And that pilot might just be the worst marksman I have ever seen. Not that anyone cares what I took away from the video, right?
  • Just doesn't seem all that impressive to me. The whole memory mechanic is interesting, but i fear it may turn out to be far too gimmicky and poorly implemented. The rest of the game looks like a mashup of other good games (Arkham Asylums combat being a very clear inspiration here). Not that "borrowing" from others is innately a bad thing, it just doesn't look like the game could manage to hold its own. Also, the voice acting is kindda bad, especially from the helicopter guy.

  • Besides from the clunky animations while moving over and across objects and the guy's terrible shooting I'd say it looks good. Needs more work though.

  • Mod

    The flow could use some work.

  • well...that was awesome !

  • well...that was awesome !

  • That was awesome! I especially thought the cinematics were great.  But remind me, is she an Assassin or a Templar?

  • this looks great but for a game with parkour style *** going on her run is really stiff and the jump just looks awful.  also, really dumb how there are random protrusions on the buildings convenient for climbing.  it is early so hopefully they polish these.

    total rip off of what they're showing the next beyond good & evil to be.  i'll wait for that.

  • So...yeah..that was AWESOME! Day 1. Could have done without the " The hunted becomes the huntaaaaaar!" though.

  • Looks fun.

  • This looks very interesting. The graphics are nice, although the animations sometimes feel a bit stiff. It looks like they're trying to give it the "natural" feel that Uncharted has (which is good imo). However it looks like they kinda need to make it a bit less predictable, watching this I never felt surprised during the chase, which made it feel like you could stand there and do nothing and the helicopter would still not catch up with you or land a single shot. Other than that the hand to hand combat looks very fun! Reminds me of Batman and Sleeping Dogs, hopefully they'll add something to really make it their own and leave a mark. Oh and the music sounds nice, reminds me a bit of Star Wars sometimes(?). Considering the good and bad I'll still welcome this game, it's a new IP and it looks promising, and sadly that's hard to come by these days. Pd: 6:25, "Your bath is ready".........? Interesting.. xD
  • Eh, looks good but not great. It's also way too easy.