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Remember Me

A Ten Minute Glance Of Remember Me That You Won't Forget

There were a lot of people at Gamescom this year, but in case you happened to miss it, here's a second shot to check out the demo of Remember Me that Dontnod Entertainment brought to the show.

Get a closer look at how Nilin will navigate through Remember Me's sci-fi world as well as the game's combat in the following video:

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  • Smooth presentation; art style, interface and graphical overlay... animation is obviously pretty good, showcased by the fluid combat akin to Arkham Asylum/City. However the demo itself, that is to say the actual gameplay, looks to be exceptionally linear and heavily reliant on scripted action. Some good, some bad... so, I guess I'll wait for more to pass judgement.
  • Honestly, it looks solid and all, but there's nothing here I haven't seen before. I'm not really excited for this.
  • The only difference between this and Uncharted is that Uncharted is fun and doesn't look boring.

  • I like all of the individual elements but for some reason the combination leaves me unamused.

  • The helicopter is strikingly similar to the model of the one from Deus Ex: HR.

  • Screaming "you ******!" in an annoying french accent? take my money now

  • It looks really linear and having the little arrows over your path as you climb not only heightens this feeling by showing that you only have one path but also feels like a little too much hand holding. Yet another batman combat clone, though that doesn't turn me off as long as they do it well. All-in-all it looks like a solid game, but the demo didn't leave me wanting to go pre-order now. It just left me intrigued and wanting to see more before I decide whether it's worth full price. Unless something changes my mind, I'll be waiting for reviews before I think about buying it.

  • looks really dated. I am sure there is a lot of work left, but the controls seem rigid.
  • I hope I remember not to forget this trailer. Can someone remember to tell me not to forget, to remember not to forget this trailer. I forgot what I was talking about... does anyone remember what I was talking about?

  • This definitely deserves a pre order! Also I love the camera zooms in on all the important stuff while not fully separating you from the game

  • Nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Man, I can wait for this!

  • Looks sweet. I'm really looking forward to playing this.
  • I really expected it to have much better animation, and maybe they will by the time it launches, but as it is I was not impressed very much. The animations were janky and just didn't seem smooth. She looks robotic a lot of the time, especially when jumping. She looks like she just does a little hop yet manages to jump a 15 foot gap.

    The combat looks fun though, and I like the whole memory gimmick. I guess we shall see how it all comes together in the end.

  • Paris 2084. And the first thing I see is an advert in English. Fail. Suspension of disbelief over. Pass.
  • Meh, maybe.......

  • Looks fantastic! I am also a little glad that they are confident in their PS3 version enough to show the game on that system.

  • I am really not at all interested in this....

  • visually, it looks mediocre as of now...also it seems to be a third person more polished version of mirrors edge...although way more action/less evasion and better immersion into the sci fi aspect.

    extremely visceral in regards to the "memory overload" kills. overall not too shabby

  • Combat looks like it could have been cool, but I don't think things turned out as well as they could