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  • Blog Post: Remember Me: Something Short of Future Perfect

    Remember Me is a game most characterized by its contrasts. Monotonous one moment and captivating the next, Dontnod Entertainment’s cyberpunk action-adventure is a thrill-ride that proves exciting, baffling, and disappointing all at once. While run-of-the-mill gameplay and muddled storytelling undercapitalizes... More
  • Blog Post: A promising game that many will forget

    Somewhere deep in Remember Me is a brilliant game that wants nothing more than to show itself to the world, but can never quite break free from the shackles of its own faults. Ambitious concepts and an engrossing world are chained by boring gameplay and lackluster characters, and the promise of a great... More
  • Blog Post: Pretty much exactly what he said.

    The story is very inspired but everything is just the framework. I'd like for there to be a sequel to this game because I think with the feedback they can tell a great story again and improve on all the other areas. Everything on this game is awesome except for the combat and level design. The world... More
  • Blog Post: Remember Me Review

    Totally forgettable No one can accuse Dontnod Entertainment of not taking a risk with Remember Me . Its story centers around a strong female protagonist, which is supposedly a big risk according to several people within the games industry. Dontnod more than likely knew this going in and said “screw... More
  • Blog Post: A bold push in the right direction.

    Within gaming at the moment there is a trend of safety in terms of what is released. This is not to decry the quality of sequels or to belittle the enjoyment or work that they provide. However the resulting vacuum of original IP's is beginning to become noticeable and it its therefore refreshing... More
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