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Remember Me

Video Details Memory-Bending Plot And Customizable Combat

Capcom's newest IP, Remember Me, is a futuristic action game with an emphasis on memory manipulation. Developer Dontnod is presenting an intriguing yet complex story that involves memory sharing and manipulating the present by tinkering with people's recollections of past events. It also incorporates a unique, customizable combo system. Fret not over the intricate combat and story, because creative director Jean Maxime-Moris explains all in this video.

Remember Me hits PC, PS3, and 360 on June 4. If you're still on the fence about the game and want to learn more, check out our hands-on preview with the first two hours of the game.

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  • This game looks really good. That's my generic comment for the day.
  • pretty cool

  • The person on the left looks kinda like Nicholas Cage, yeah?
  • Mod
    Reminds me of Deus Ex. Mixed with Batman!
  • That zombie looking thing on the left reminds me of Nicolas Cage for some reason.

  • Every time I read or see anything about this game, I get the feeling that its going to turn out terribly. I hope I'm wrong (who wants buy terrible games? Masochists I suppose) but from what I've heard from friends who played it at PAX, they said that the combo system was locked so they could only do a combo that either healed them or made the enemy forget them, granted it was only a demo but still... I'm just not as excited about this as say Metal Gear Rising (which was awesome). I'd like to give it a shot but I'm going to be keeping my expectations for this pretty low.
  • I'm surprised about how much I'm liking the look and feel of this game so far. I suppose it taps into all of my sci-fi loves of Minority Report or Inception. It looks like it might very well be one of the best new game concepts this year, and I really, really hope that it lives up to the hype their building for this. I don't exactly take a Capcom logo as a guarantee, but fingers crossed.

  • The guy speaks English pretty well for a non-native speaker, but I'd still appreciate some subtitles, Capcom. It took me longer than I'm willing to admit to recognize the weird way he was saying, "Intimacy".
  • Right... absorbing too much of other people's memories mutates your DNA? That's when it stops being plausible. It would most likely lead to death or cancer anyway. Why do they need a generic mutant enemy type anyway? They could have just gone with insanity instead of this "Too much memories changes DNA" crap.
  • What I don't get is why the hell would people become addicted to other people's memories.
  • those people in the pic from West Virginia?

  • She does not look all right.

  • Oh I am very interested!!!!!! Adding this of games to play.

  • And I now have another game to be excited for.

  • I forgot about that game.

  • It looks okay, but there are far better games coming out when this does.

  • Those women were hot!!!
  • I'm not overly excited for this. The combat does not impress me at all.

  • This is becoming quite the intriguing game. I love the idea of using memories as weapons. It's like Psychonauts meets WatchDog. I also love the PN03 meats Mirrors Edge art style.

  • Really hope that combo system works well. Has a lot of potential

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