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Remember Me

Gorgeous New Screens Show Off Nilin And Neo-Paris

Capcom's newest IP, Remember Me, is a sight to behold. From the intriguing character models to gorgeously detailed city of Neo-Paris, there's a lot to soak in. This massive batch of screenshots, concept art, and environmental art offers you a great look at the upcoming game.

Check out the loads of new game assets in the media gallery below. Remember Me arrives on 360, PS3, and PC this May.

Read our hands-on preview of the first two chapters here.

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  • When these are posted at 2:20 AM, are you up posting this, Tim? Or is it a timed post?

  • So mysterious, so attractive...
  • Looks interesting. All this talk about what a huge disappointment Aliens Colonial Marines is has left a sour taste in my mouth for one of my most anticipated games this year. It's good to see some new stuff in the works.

  • Remember Me looks like an interesting game, only I have two issues with it: last time I checked the combat looked very tedious and boring(ehich can be a big deal-breaker for me) and it's published by Capcom. I really do not like Capcom and the last time I gave them money was to buy Okami HD because, well...it's Okami.
  • Can't sleep Tim? Anyways, these screenshots look great!

  • It is very pretty, for sure.  I guess she's some sort of outlaw... I would definitely like to know more about it.  Perhaps I'll fire up the ol' google machine here in a bit and do some research.

    Looks like it has some Tomb Raider elements maybe.

  • I feel like I really need to see this game moving before I can get excited for it. With the game releasing in a few months, it worries me that all they're showing us is screenshots.

  • This game has me excited.

  • It's a shame this will probably be overlooked.

  • *SIGH* This game is an inevitable purchase. I've already been sucked in. I'll buy it and probably love it, then read about all the hate the game receives and see all the terrible reviews. The cynical, modern gaming world.

  • Mod

    I can't wait for this!! And ..it comes out the same month as my birthday !!! Yay!

  • Still sounding good.

  • the games art style is gorgeous but i cant help but think these images are bullshots (thought what screenshot isnt thee days unfortunately)

  • ah~ that art.

  • Looking good!

  • That thing in the back of her head is distracting, but wow those environments look beautiful..