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Capcom is taking a big risk releasing a new franchise so close to an E3 that will be dominated with next-generation news. The publisher is doing it the right way though, presenting a rich history for players to explore before the game is even in their hands. The latest trailer is a brief, live-action segment that may confuse those who haven't been following the title's progress (we have two previews to help you get caught up ). It's narrated by Antoine Cartier-Wells, creator of the memory manipulating Sensen implant and founder of Memorize. His company is responsible for a global network...


  • Name: Remember Me
  • Platform: PC
  • 1 Players
  • Developer: Dontnod Entertainment
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Genre: Action
  • Release Date: May 2013
  • ESRB: RP
  • Offline Multiplayer:
  • Online Multiplayer:
Accessibility Features
  • Subtitles: No
  • [cc]: No
  • Colorblind Mode: No
  • Multiple Difficulty Settings: No
  • In-game Help/Hint System: No
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