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  • Blog Post: A New Live Action Trailer Is Only Part Of The Story

    Capcom is taking a big risk releasing a new franchise so close to an E3 that will be dominated with next-generation news. The publisher is doing it the right way though, presenting a rich history for players to explore before the game is even in their hands. The latest trailer is a brief, live-action... More
  • Blog Post: Breaking Down And Customizing Remember Me’s Combat

    Nilin may not remember much at the beginning of Remember Me, but it only takes a brief overview from her partner Edge to remember how to fight. In our last preview , we took a look at the first two chapters of the game, learned the basics of combat, met Headache Tom, and remixed one would-be assassin’s... More
  • Blog Post: Video Details Memory-Bending Plot And Customizable Combat

    Capcom's newest IP, Remember Me, is a futuristic action game with an emphasis on memory manipulation. Developer Dontnod is presenting an intriguing yet complex story that involves memory sharing and manipulating the present by tinkering with people's recollections of past events. It also incorporates... More
  • Blog Post: Playing Through The First Two Chapters

    New franchises are hard to find near the end of a console generation, but Capcom is delivering some fresh ideas with Remember Me. The game takes place in the future, where power-hungry corporations have refined the technology to influence politicians by tapping into their thoughts. My hands-on time begins... More
  • Blog Post: Gorgeous New Screens Show Off Nilin And Neo-Paris

    Capcom's newest IP, Remember Me, is a sight to behold. From the intriguing character models to gorgeously detailed city of Neo-Paris, there's a lot to soak in. This massive batch of screenshots, concept art, and environmental art offers you a great look at the upcoming game. Check out the loads... More
  • Blog Post: New Remember Me Screens Show Off Characters And Locations

    Capcom has released a brand new batch of Remember Me screens that show off all kinds of unseen elements from the upcoming game. You will see new locations and new characters. The screens come from Capcom's Unity blog , which showcases even more screens than our gallery below, if you want more. Remember... More
  • Blog Post: Remember Me Developer Diary Examines The Score

    The latest developer diary from developer Dontnod Entertainment looks at Remember Me's music, and shows a little bit of new gameplay. The music is performed by the London Philharmonia as composed by Olivier Deriviere, and then it gets all electronicified to fit in into Remember Me's futuristic... More
  • Blog Post: Diving Deeper With Remember Me's Combo Lab

    Dontnod Entertainment’s sci-fi action adventure title, Remember Me, made a strong showing this year at Gamescom, so we were excited to go deeper with its combo system during TGS. When our demo starts, visual glitches and distortions cover the screen, indicating that our protagonist, Nilin, is dangerously... More
  • Blog Post: Combat Requires More Than Mere Button-Mashing

    Capcom has released a new video for Dontnod Entertainment's upcoming action game Remember Me. The six-minute clip breaks down the game's customizable combo system, which looks like it should keep players busy for quite some time. The system is laid out by the game's creative lead Jean-Maxime... More
  • Blog Post: A Ten Minute Glance Of Remember Me That You Won't Forget

    There were a lot of people at Gamescom this year, but in case you happen to miss it, here's a second shot to check out the demo of Remember Me that Dontnod Entertainment brought to the show. Get a closer look at how Nilin will navigate through Remember Me's sci-fi world as well as the game's... More
  • Blog Post: Remember Me Demo Walkthrough

    Here's a walkthrough of Remember Me's Gamescom demo. Skip ahead to the 9:45 mark if you're feeling impatient. Remember Me is set in a futuristic Paris, where people are able to record and share their memories. As you can see in the demo, this creates some interesting ethical situations as... More
  • Blog Post: Three Key Points To Remember About Remember Me

    Capcom revealed at Gamescom that it was publishing Dontnod Entertainment’s title Remember Me. The game focuses on a futuristic Paris, where people are able to record and share their memories. The game’s heroine, Nilin, has the unique ability to remix peoples’ memories, altering the... More
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