Capcom is taking a big risk releasing a new franchise so close to an E3 that will be dominated with next-generation news. The publisher is doing it the right way though, presenting a rich history for players to explore before the game is even in their hands.

The latest trailer is a brief, live-action segment that may confuse those who haven't been following the title's progress (we have two previews to help you get caught up). It's narrated by Antoine Cartier-Wells, creator of the memory manipulating Sensen implant and founder of Memorize. His company is responsible for a global network that includes 99 percent of the population, and his work, which was originally intended to help the world has been perverted.

In Remember Me, a group of "Errorists" seek to break free of the controlling shackles of Memorize, liberating the world from memory control. Protagonist Nilin has the unique ability to "remix" memories, giving her godlike powers over foes.

After watching the new live-action trailer and an earlier in-game one giving a bit of Nilin's backstory, be sure to head over to the official site. There, you can follow Cartier-Wells' path, learn of his tragic life, and understand how the world of the future turned out so very wrong. There's a lot of material in Cartier-Wells' journal, but the fantastic background music and wealth of content are worth the time.

Remember Me is out this week on June 4 for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.