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  • Blog Post: A Broken, Derivative Ghost Town

    Copycats of the newest, hottest thing are always going to be a part of the gaming industry. It’s no surprise that 505 Games is attempting to jump into the multiplayer FPS fray, but the final product isn’t even a poor-man’s version of Call of Duty. Rekoil is more like a poor man’s... More
  • Blog Post: Rekoil Eschews Perks And Streaks In Favor Of Purely Balanced Competitive Play

    I found Plastic Piranha's Rekoil tucked away in a small and surprisingly crowded booth on the PAX 2013 show floor. We've covered the title before, but this was our first opportunity to lay hands on mouse and keyboard for a test drive. What I played was a competent first-person shooter that strips... More
  • Blog Post: Return To Classic FPS Gameplay, Or Don't

    Plastic Piranha's new FPS for PC, Rekoil, gives gamers the opportunity to play shooters the way they like: With or without mods, in classic FPS style, or in modern FPS-twitch style. Rekoil, formerly titled Rikochet, aims to function as a balanced FPS that is enjoyable to many groups familiar with... More
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