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  • Blog Post: Red Steel 2 review

    Before I start talking about Red Steel 2, do you remember Red Steel? Forget it. This game is completely different. Whereas the first one was an FPS with the occasional boring sword fight, Red Steel 2 is more of an action game or beat em up with a first person camera. You're free to use your sword... More
  • Blog Post: Good,But Not Great

    Red Steel 2 is a beautiful game. In my opinion, it's the second best looking game on the Wii. It's not at Okami's level of graphics, but it's very pretty to look at. However, the gameplay isn't as good as the graphics. The gameplay is good, but not great. It's good enough to give... More
  • Blog Post: Red Steel 2 is really cool

    I have come to report that Red Steel 2 does not suck as bad as the first. Overall the game is great the swordplay is amazing,the shooting is great,and the story is for the most part flawless. The sword play works out great,starting easy until your combing those moves to make massive combos that make... More
  • Blog Post: Best Shooter on wii!

    With bad games like Cod reflex edition for the Wii people probably think the Wii has no good shooting games. That just changed! Red steel 1 was a complete mess. Red Steel 2 though is epic. Plot: play as a Cusagary fighting the Jackel clan Graphics: outstanding! for 90 percent of the time Sound: the music... More
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