AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!! I wanna give this game ten so bad!!!!  When I got this game i was expecting a follow to the first red steels plot, which i had not played.  But instead i got none. I was barely listening to the characters as they spoke.  With only one plot twist bigger than my toe, this game fails where every game should shine.  Aside from that, I LOVE THIS GAME.  Be warned, being a sword guru for most of my life, any kind of this like this is great.  The visuals are great.  I loved getting this game, seeing as the Wii is my only current gen console.  Almost HD, in my opinion (this is coming from a guy who can't tell the difference between PS2 and gamecube graphics, but seriously, I can't see it.  so, be warned.)  The music is amazing.  whether it's creepy music for the first time you meet a ninja, or the western music when you're slicing him to bits, I want to listen to it all day.  It plyed like it was supposed to, with  a few minor glitches (the , I'm stuck inside my enemies body after the rush anyone?)  but that's probably cause my Wii is jank.  Te concept to make a real sword fighting simulation game was delivered upon, and I think that's the best we can ask for.  Here's looking to a Red Steel 3, that actually has a plot.