I have come to report that Red Steel 2 does not suck as bad as the first. Overall the game is great the swordplay is amazing,the shooting is great,and the story is for the most part flawless. The sword play works out great,starting easy until your combing those moves to make massive combos that make you feel like your in the action yourself. The Wii motion plus makes the sword as acurate as you are and the fact that you need to swing hard to do any damage makes it so you cant just swing it around randomly like in Wii boxing. Also the gunplay is fun and makes combos that much more interesting. Now without giving any of the story away generally speaking you play the last gaurdian of the Kugasari clan (sorry if I screwed it up) and he goes on a rampage killing anyone and everyone who stands in his way and he looks good doing it. All in all Red Steel 2 is a must buy and i would recommened this to anyone who likes games that are good.