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Red Faction: Armageddon Blog Guidelines
  • A Shooter By Any Other Name

    The title might be misleading, but the game felt like any other shooter style game. The plot wasn’t quite as threadbare as I’d expected. I didn’t quite understand the less-than-heroic background the protagonist had, but as the typical... More
  • I think the reviewers of this game just wanted a clone of Guerrilla

    I don’t know what game these reviewers were playing (or smoking), but Red Faction: Armageddon is far from unimaginative. Sometimes I think reviewers rate games on graphics alone. Sure, this doesn’t have the same level of graphical detail as... More
  • Red Faction Again

    While it seems most views expressed dislike in this game, my time with it was worthwhile. I missed the original Red Faction with its linear story telling the most when playing RF:Guerrilla. So its no surprise that when I finished Armageddon I was happy... More
  • Goodbye Roaming World Of Destruction

    I miss the good old times id sit in my room and run around on mars playing red faction Guerrilla. Then i get Armeggedon and i was like What. Hey the graphics are good but Its A Level By Level game heck i beat it 3 times in 1 and a half days cmon what... More
  • A very underated game.

    Red faction Armageddon is a very good game. Now lets see why Graphics: The graphics are very good and it is up to today standers. The details are great, and the lighting can be kinda bad at times but when it works it looks great. The only bad things is... More
  • Angry Birds

    One of the most top selling iPhone and iPod Touch App's in history is and for now always will be Angry Birds it has its ups and its down but lets start with the good things shall we. The game is designed so that the user can have the enjoyment of... More
  • My Review

    Red Faction: Guerilla was an awesome game, so I went into Armageddon with high hopes. Unlike Guerilla, this game is pretty linear and it suffers for it. The awesome destruction is still here, but unlike Guerilla, most of the things you blow up are small... More
  • Red Faction Armageddon Review: Mars’ Secrets Were Better Left Undiscovered

    Armageddon is an unimaginative shooter, showing more creativity in Darius’ tribal tattoos than in any of its combat scenarios. If you’re looking for a memorable Red Faction experience, you’re better off playing Guerrilla again.

    ... More
  • red faction fan

    awesome game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More
  • Red Faction: Armageddon's New Trailer


    The latest video for Armageddon reveals how hell is unleashed on the face of Mars. Hint: It's all your fault.

    ... More
  • Red Faction: Armageddon Trailer Shows Off Hectic Motion Capture Session


    Check out this cool video that shows a motion capture session for Red Faction: Armageddon side-by-side with in-game footage.

    ... More
  • Meet Red Faction: Armageddon's Sultry Smuggler


    In this trailer she explains why the remaining Mars colony has been forced underground, and hints at an evil menace lurking even deeper within the red planet's crust.

    ... More
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