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  • Blog Post: Red Faction Armageddon Review: Mars’ Secrets Were Better Left Undiscovered

    Protagonist Darius Mason tries to make Red Faction: Armageddon an exhilarating adventure. He wields a gun that fires scientifically implausible singularities, pilots a spider mech that “accidentally” tramples an entire underground city, curb stomps anyone that dares stand in his proximity... More
  • Blog Post: Red Faction: Armageddon's New Trailer

    The latest video for Armageddon reveals how hell is unleashed on the face of Mars. Hint: It's all your fault. In Red Faction: Armageddon, you play Darius Mason, the grandson of Alec Mason, the hero of the last game in the series. In the latest trailer for the game, we watch as Darius manages to unleash... More
  • Blog Post: Red Faction: Armageddon Trailer Shows Off Hectic Motion Capture Session

    Red Faction: Armageddon is the latest in THQ's long-running sci-fi shooter series, and to create the most realistic animations possible, the company partnered with Pendulum Studios. In this trailer, you get to see how the in-game action compares with raw video footage. Also, you'll see actual... More
  • Blog Post: Meet Red Faction: Armageddon's Sultry Smuggler

    Volition, the developer of Red Faction: Armageddon, would like to introduce you to Kara. She's a tough-as-nails smuggler working beside Darius Mason, grandson of Red Faction: Guerrilla's protagonist. In this trailer she explains why the remaining Mars colony has been forced underground, and hints... More
  • Blog Post: Prepare To Break Stuff In Red Faction: Armageddon's Ruin Mode

    It's no secret that Volition's Red Faction series is mostly about breaking things, and it doesn't look as though Red Faction: Armageddon is going to be changing that formula. The studio and publisher THQ have released a trailer for the game's new ruin mode, which puts the storyline on... More
  • Blog Post: Buildings Collide In THQ’s New Destructible Playground

    If you were to compile a list of the most entertaining guns in gaming history it would likely include weapons like Doom’s BFG, Half-Life 2’s gravity gun, and at least half the arsenal from the Ratchet & Clank series. However, if developer Volition has its way, you’ll soon be adding... More
  • Blog Post: The Evolution Of Destruction

    Last year's Red Faction: Guerrilla was a huge hit with gamers that enjoy creating open-world chaos. The unprecedented destructive capabilities of Volition's Geomod 2.0 engine allowed players to raze any man-made structure on the surface of Mars, from chasm-spanning bridges to multilevel towers... More
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