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  • Blog Post: Wombat Eats DLC: Undead Nightmare Review: ( PS3 version )

    If you havn't read my review for RDR please do now before reading this. I review DLC's differently than full games being that they aren't supposed to be too big. This title gives you so much it could be a standalone title. It might not have gotten a 10. But definately a good 9. Graphics:... More
  • Blog Post: Red Dead

    In this game you play as cold hard cowboy . thats all i know More
  • Blog Post: Great DLC

    A must for any fan of Red Dead Redemption. With no other proper expansions for the, Undead Nightmare is any player's best bet for DLC. While missions can get repetitious, there is enough content here for a full game. Another note; as a die hard zombie fan, I was happy to see that you need to shoot... More
  • Blog Post: Never Dead Enough

    Undead Redemption was by far the best expansion to the Red Dead Redemption universe. The game takes a little over 8 hours to complete, and while some tasks may seem repetitive, the experience is diverse if you make it so. Rockstar once again provides plenty of opportunity for the player to take the linear... More
  • Blog Post: Undead Nightmare

    It's been about a month since I found out about this game and already, I'm floored. When Rockstar was posting all of these ads and commercials for this game I had no idea the true scale and impact it would have on me. I mean the normal story and online modes are amazing yes, but to completely... More
  • Blog Post: EDIT: Ok, so its not a review, sue me....

    Where the hell is this download on the playstation network??? I live in New York, and as of 2:00pm today, this download is still unavailable, WTF?? I stayed up past midnight last night eagerly awaiting it's arival, and I thought ok, maybe it'll show up a few hours from now? Nope. Granted, I'm... More
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