If you havn't read my review for RDR please do now before reading this. I review DLC's differently than  full games being that they aren't supposed to be too big.  This title gives you so much it could be a standalone title. It might not have gotten a 10. But definately a good 9.

Graphics: Horses are amazing. Zombies look great. Bigfoot looks hilarious.

Gameplay: Basically plays like Redemption except for the fact that there are zombies this time around.

Content Included: The entire map from Redemption to explore, 2 new multiplayer modes, 8 hour story, 5 hours of sidequests, months of lasting appeal.

Acheivment difficulty: EASY

Overall: For a DLC this is amazing. If you like Redemption, YOU HAVE TO PLAY THIS!

This is a.................. BUY!