Undead Redemption was by far the best expansion to the Red Dead Redemption universe.  The game takes a little over 8 hours to complete, and while some tasks may seem repetitive, the experience is diverse if you make it so.  Rockstar once again provides plenty of opportunity for the player to take the linear story and make it as free-form as possible, and adds tons of great new features and unlockables throughout the journey.  With 4 new weapons, a slew of new enemy types, and new dynamic content, Red Dead once again perfectly hits the mark.

While GI didn't like the how the control scheme worked with the faster enemy types, I really didn't notice much difference.  I didn't die once, not to say I'm the best player ever but it is fairly easy to either escape a bad situation or shoot your way through anything.  The only problems I had were with horses during the main quests...if you don't hitch your horse EVERY time you go to save, you end up with the completely unstable Undead Horse.  It becomes a pain during the main storyline.  Other than that, I've never had more fun burning zombies.  Rockstar knows how to treat its fans, and this is the perfect way to start your Halloween.