It's been about a month since I found out about this game and already, I'm floored. When Rockstar was posting all of these ads and commercials for this game I had no idea the true scale and impact it would have on me. I mean the normal story and online modes are amazing yes, but to completely change a games formula and tone/feel is a true feat. Just riding around in this zombie - infected New Austin not only made me feel as if I was in a new place all together, but a whole new game. The hazy yellow moon looms over a greenish, evil looking sky casting an awesome effect on the landscape. It's really great. And of course there's the other aspect. ZOMBIES! With many types to hunt or be hunted by you've got plenty of brain - splattering enemies to kill. Rockstar has also added a lot of alternate mystical creatures to the lineup as well, not limited to Sasquatch, Apocalypse Horses, Undead Animals, and some new mystery creatures. Overall It's a truly Epic DLC.