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Red Dead Redemption

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  • Blog Post: Red Dead Awesomness

    This game was incredible the animations were fluid, the storyline was excellent, and the actors did just an amazing job. Its been a couple months and I feel I didn't even scratch the game yet. There was just so much to do in the game, like you could lasso a guy, put him on a horse (you have stolen...
  • Blog Post: Video Game Review: Red Dead Redemption; Being a Cowboy Never Felt So Good

    Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 If you were to say the words “Rockstar Games” around most gamers their thoughts would most likely jump to the Grand Theft Auto series since that is what Rockstar Games is best known for. However, in 2010, Rockstar Games decided to take...
  • Blog Post: Amazing

    Its not often that video games can do this but i feel like my play through of red dead redemption was nearly perfect This is my favorite game!
  • Blog Post: Red Dead Delivers

    Rockstar Games loves its sandbox games and I love Rockstar Games. This is one of the best PS3 games I've played in a very long time and I'm certain I'll still be playing for a long while to come. The single player has an involved story that keeps your attention and is entertaining. It actually...
  • Blog Post: An awesome game, but sadly overrated

    Don't be fooled. Red Dead Redemption is one of the greatests game yet, but despite efforts of those saying it's not a reskined GTA, playing the game simply proves them wrong. Red Dead Redemption uses the well known mechanics of the GTA franchise. It has a huge and extremely beautiful open world...
  • File: Red Dead: Redemption

    In case you haven't noticed, Red Dead Redemption's hype locomotive has left the station and is starting to pick up a nice head of steam. Rockstar Games has been revealing more about the game, including a trickle of screens and a trailer . Rockstar has released a new trailer today, just two weeks after...
  • File: New Red Dead Redemption "My Name is John Marston" trailer

    Check out the latest trailer from Rockstar San Diego's upcoming western.
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