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Red Dead Redemption

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  • Blog Post: The best videogame Western ever created

    Rockstar is no stranger to exploring iconic time periods and locations, having used the Grand Theft Auto series to explore the 80’s, 90’s and modern day in recreations of Miami, New York and California, and having helped Team Bondi on the creation of LA Noire, which explored late 1940’s...
  • Blog Post: Red Dead Awesomness

    This game was incredible the animations were fluid, the storyline was excellent, and the actors did just an amazing job. Its been a couple months and I feel I didn't even scratch the game yet. There was just so much to do in the game, like you could lasso a guy, put him on a horse (you have stolen...
  • Blog Post: The Western Genre As A New Legend

    If you know me, you know I love LA Noire. I looked back on old Rockstar Games, and saw Red Dead Redemption. I bought it, and was highly impressed. The game starts off with a huge boring cutscene, but it picks up quickly. The gameplay is fantastic, the voice acting is some of the best I've seen, and...
  • Blog Post: Red Dead Redemption...and some cows.

    Red Dead Redemption is a game I recently bought. I heard a lot of things about it, but I never had the time to pick it up. I am simply amazed at my own stupidity; why did I not buy this game months ago!? The year is some number in the early 20th-century; probably 1910 or 1911. Well, that doesn't...
  • Blog Post: Read Dead Redemption :D

  • Forum Post: Dumb RDR ending

    Just finished RDR love the entire game until the very poor ending so disapointed they need to make an alternate ending dlc pack like bethesda did for Fallout 3.................................................. Mod edit: Please do not use the word gay in that way again. It's completely unnecessary...
  • Forum Post: Red Dead Redemption Chatter

    Picking it up at midnight? Think it will be best game of 2010? Wanna trash talk PS3 owners for getting exclusive content? Do it all here without submitting a bogus user review! I for one have a 360 version payed in full at Play 'n Trade. Being a working man I won't be picking it up at midnight...
  • File: Red Dead Redemption Gunplay

    Rockstar breaks down the gunplay of its gritty Western tale.
  • File: New Red Dead Redemption "My Name is John Marston" trailer

    Check out the latest trailer from Rockstar San Diego's upcoming western.
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