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Red Dead Redemption

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  • Blog Post: Red Dead Awesomness

    This game was incredible the animations were fluid, the storyline was excellent, and the actors did just an amazing job. Its been a couple months and I feel I didn't even scratch the game yet. There was just so much to do in the game, like you could lasso a guy, put him on a horse (you have stolen...
  • Blog Post: Amazing

    Its not often that video games can do this but i feel like my play through of red dead redemption was nearly perfect This is my favorite game!
  • Blog Post: Don't Miss It

    Simply put Red Dead is, awesome. Not the normal awesome, the, awe inspiring, awesome. This is the kind of game that would be actually depressing to miss. you can play for hours simply killing and stealing or helping those in need and bringing swift justice upon those who deserve it, or you just do a...
  • Blog Post: ONE OF THE GREATEST GAMES OF ALL TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I got this game today, played it and was blown away!!!!!! The is great game that never gets boring. This game is is way better than GTA 4 because there is so much you can do, also the shooting damage is more realistic, you see a piece of a person head missing when you shoot them in the head. This game...
  • Blog Post: great game

    NO matter if it is no the 360 or ps3, this games looks and handles great. Just like GTA4, Red Dead has every right to be could one of the best open world games to date. A must buy for third person shooters.
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