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I loved Red Dead: Redemption, but there was one (in my humble opinion) horrible flaw that kills me every time I play single player. It was not the controls, or the graphics, or the audio or anything with the basic game development. I feel horribly immature and nerdy for saying it, but WHY CAN’T I HAVE SEX WITH THE PROSTITUTES?!?!


I was hoping that someone else had noticed a big part of this game that was missing. I was very excited when I heard that RockStar was making this sequel, because they are not afraid (or not until recently so it seems) to strike controversy within their game production.


This brings me to my biggest problem with this game: you cannot have sex with the hookers. There is absolutely no way to have sex with them, whether you hog-tie them and carry them to your saloon room, or put them on your horse and ride into a bush.. nothing. While this may seem like a minor (and some would probably say immature complaint) it just does not make sense!


The developers even made the prostitutes to make suggestive comments towards your character! And what are you [as a helpless gamer] supposed to do when your character uncontrollably denies the request from the prostitute?!? Well, I for one flipped-out!


Here, my complaint is not that I can't get my fix of video game sex scenes. It is not because I am a nerd and cannot get any myself unless I play John Marston, the Big Bad Cowboy. First of all, RD:R is an RPG. I don't feel I should be subject to my characters moral code in an RPG. While there obviously must be restrictions to some extent, this definitely does not meet the criteria.


I understand that the reason RockStar may have decided not to allow you to have sex with the hookers is because it fits the character’s moral obligation to his wife. However, if the developers were so caught up on the character’s moral development, then one should not have been able to go and wreck town after town and shoot innocent bystander after innocent bystander.


At the same time, there are many advantages to having the option to have sex with hookers. For instance, in previous RockStar games [namely GTA Series] one could have sex with prostitutes to gain additional health without technically cheating (the act of putting in an actually cheat code). This was also a way of gaining extra cash (who didn’t kill the hooker after they got out of the car and take their money back plus hers?). An achievement could have been thrown in (for those achievement-chasers out there), for declining the prostitute, and for accepting one. It would also have affected one’s “Fame” and “Honor”.




Lastly, if the reason they took this feature out of the game was in fact because of John Marston’s loyalty to his wife, then why when you beat the game is the feature still unavailable when you play his single, grown son?


In closing, I just do not see why the developers decided not to put this feature in the game. It was clear that they thought about it at one point, and just decided against it. I mean no criticism to RockStar in this article, and I think that this was one of their best creations. However, when I was playing through the game, I felt something was missing and I just could not put my finger on it until now. Great job RockStar, and I hope you all keep creating great titles like this one!