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Dumb RDR ending

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  • Just finished RDR love the entire game until the very poor ending so disapointed they need to make an alternate ending dlc pack like bethesda did for Fallout 3..................................................

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  • I wouldn't call the ending dumb. I thought it was an emotionally powerful, sophisticated way to end the game. It did piss me off though. John was the man. I want to be able to play as him again. I don't like playing as Jack. I'd like an alternate ending so I could play as John again.

  • Just thought that an outlaw like himself it almost seemed that he was mutilated like a dog......

  • What sort of ending were you hoping for?  I couldn't think of a more powerful way to end the game.

  • Dude, how dare you say the ending sucked... My friend invested so much time into that game, the ending brought him to tears, that the very first game that has ever done that to anyone I know... that's saying something. As for myself, I didn't want to see that happen, but how else could have ended. I also got emotional at the end, I got extremely pissed, and wanted to kill everyone in the game.

    If it's hostile, kill it

  • I think the end was perfect; the best westerns never let the hero ride into the sunset. It was shocking and dramatic and quite scary (until I checked my inventory...). The death of a (n anti) hero, a son's revenge. Beautiful.

    SPOILER ALERT!!! This is how my post ends.

  • Don't just be ignorant because it wasn't an action-packed or "happy" ending. It was an emotional ending, it showed that not all stories live happily ever after. There was nothing "dumb" about it just because it didn't give you a feeling of triumphing over the world. I wanted to get revenge on the people too, but things don't always work out happily. This is pretty much what the ending was conveying.


  • Sorry for double post now, but I just found out. If you want to have sweet revenge against those *** agents then start the stranger quest in blackwater after beating the game. You may like that better.


  • I just finished RDR and i loved the whole thing until the ending i ended up screaming at the screen for about 5 minutes NO FREAKING WAY THAT CAN'T BE IT THERE HAS TO BE SOMETHING ELSE and for the next hour me and my friends tried that last showdown over and over again trying to kill them all.(it didn't work)

  • The TP is retarded. I am so tired of people saying the story of X is bad because it wasn't told the way they wanted. So you didn't get your happy Hollywood ending, grow the *** up.



  • The ending of RDR left me wanting to hogtie those corrupt agents and put a revolver bullet  into their skulls...

  • I'm going to have to respectfully disagree with you, sir. The ending was quite powerful. It was almost cinematic in a sense. The game invests in you in John so when the ending occurs, you actually feel something. Granted, this isn't a film but, it gives new meaning to the entire world of RDR. I'm glad it wasn't the typical, simple, "happy" ending.

  • Dude are you serious? I can't imagine a more perfect ending to this game? It makes me actually want to buy a sequel.I admit I do miss John but I am looking forward to Jack's adventures and screwing hookers I hope.

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