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  • Blog Post: A fun review of Red Dead Redemption

    For fun this reviews chapters are western songs or taken from cowboy movies. Preview: The 1890's was a time in America where crime was rampant, gangs roamed across their lands stealing peoples mode of transport, the invent of the car was revolutionising the way we lived and we were going towards... More
  • Blog Post: A great story of the Wild West

    Red Dead may first seem like a silly cowboy game if you look at the box. But in reality, its much more than you think. The graphics are simply great for 2010 and the animation is very cool looking, especially the scenery around is breathtaking. The sound track goes very well with the game and scenes... More
  • Blog Post: The best videogame Western ever created

    Rockstar is no stranger to exploring iconic time periods and locations, having used the Grand Theft Auto series to explore the 80’s, 90’s and modern day in recreations of Miami, New York and California, and having helped Team Bondi on the creation of LA Noire, which explored late 1940’s... More
  • Blog Post: Red Dead Redemption...and some cows.

    Red Dead Redemption is a game I recently bought. I heard a lot of things about it, but I never had the time to pick it up. I am simply amazed at my own stupidity; why did I not buy this game months ago!? The year is some number in the early 20th-century; probably 1910 or 1911. Well, that doesn't... More
  • Blog Post: Rockstar delivers one of the best westerns with Red dead redemption

    Red dead redemption was my first Rockstar game. I didn't know if I wanted to get it at first, the when I saw the reviews, I just wanted it immediately. I finally got it, and was blown away. Red dead redemption is a really good game. Graphics are pretty good. A few times iffy, but overall they were... More
  • Blog Post: Wombat On The Grill: Red Dead Redemption Review: Y'HAA!( PS3 VERSION )

    I'll be honest, though I did like GTA 4 it wasn't a game that stuck to m heart. I'm not saying it's bad, it's a great game, but I just never really felt connected to it. Red Dead Redemption changes everything there. This game is an amazing experience from start to finish.btw: I OWN... More
  • Blog Post: There's a reason almost everyone sees this as a Game of the Year...

    Ahh, Rockstar... When they get it right, they get it RIGHT... And when they effectively decided to port Grand Theft Auto's open-sandbox to the Wild West, they effectively got it right. Red Dead Redemption was seen as the Game of the Year in almost every competition which could include it, and there... More
  • Blog Post: No doubt about it, rockstar is fantastic

    Red dead is great. Great graphics, great free roam online, great gameplay, and great variety. However. one bad thing is that the story seems to lead on too slow. More
  • Blog Post: Great single-player game, Ok multiplayer.

    Red Dead Redemption is one of my top ten favorite games! It have a massive world that one can get lost in. The graphics are stunning. Going on a cliff and looking across the land is breathtaking. There is so much stuff to do in this game as well. From hunting, to treasure finding, to helping or hurting... More
  • Blog Post: One of Few games worthwhile

    First, the Ugly reasons this didn't get a Ten from me two reasons: 1. No Character Creator for multiplayer. That would have sold it for me completely.This game would have rocked had it given some form of Free-Roam Character creation instead of picking from a bunch of different people. Only 2-3 people... More
  • Blog Post: Best of the West

    Where do I start? This game is so polished it can't be described. With a map spanning two gigantic locales with hundreds of little towns, I challenge you to find a game with more life breathed into it. The story of John Marston took me aback. I was prepared for an Old West *** who took no crap from... More
  • Blog Post: GTA meets Clint Eastwood

    So as a rule I avoid westerns, but since I signed up for gamefly I decided to try it. I am pleased to admit I actually enjoyed this game. The mini map is one of the more effective offered in open world games, when I mark my goal on the map I get an effective route lined out for me. Jobs and "Stranger"... More
  • Blog Post: Red Dead Delivers

    Rockstar Games loves its sandbox games and I love Rockstar Games. This is one of the best PS3 games I've played in a very long time and I'm certain I'll still be playing for a long while to come. The single player has an involved story that keeps your attention and is entertaining. It actually... More
  • Blog Post: Game Over... continue? Red Dead Redemption

    As gamers we’ve played everywhere from wild fantasy worlds full of wizards and warlocks to realistic recreations of famous battles in both the recent and distant past to fun and wacky worlds where the laws of nature don’t apply and the biggest concerns revolve around rescuing princesses from... More
  • Blog Post: Red Dead Redemption Review

    I picked thi game up at Gamestop after reading a few good reviews about it, and man, they were not lying. The game really gets you attached to your character after the first few minutes of gameplay and story missions. I really felt like he was a good guy, and I actually wanted to be good for once in... More
  • Blog Post: A Cinematic Experience From Beginning to (Teary-Eyed) End

    I've never played a Grand Theft Auto game in my life. Yeah, I've messed around with them once or twice killing my share of hookers and ran down more than a few pedestrians (all with Rockstar's signature cheat codes, of course) , but I've never played a GTA game. SO when Rockstar announced... More
  • Blog Post: Ride off into the Sunset

    Red Dead Redemption, redeems the western game, pun intended. I have no bad things you say about this game, it is just all around great. It grabs you and never lets go. It tells a story that keeps interested, but doesn't go with out jokes. Let's start off, if you don't already know, you play... More
  • Blog Post: A western epic for the ages

    In red dead redemption the first thing I noticed whenever the game started was how lighting, graphics, and all of the little details that rockstar is known to pay attention to are at their best here.The main character john marston is very believable. As in grand theft auto 4 the missions have a ton of... More
  • Blog Post: This game is amazing!

    I am a huge fan of Rockstar games. I absoulutly love the whole grand theft auto series, so when i heard about a western game that was just like gta, i knew i had to pick it up. First of all, the graphics in this game is amazing! Every single detail you can see perfectly and the desert looks amazing.... More
  • Blog Post: Red Dead Redemption; The Playable Spaghetti Western

    The Western genre has truly fallen from grace in every medium, including video games. Cowboys used to be the top dogs but the public has slowly lost it’s fascination with the Old West. Rockstar is looking to change that by applying Grand Theft Auto-like game mechanics to the West with their latest... More
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