For fun this reviews chapters are western songs or taken from cowboy movies.

Preview: The 1890's was a time in America where crime was rampant, gangs roamed across their lands stealing peoples mode of transport, the invent of the car was revolutionising the way we lived and we were going towards a Depression. So not much has changed then.



The game begins in the 1890's with your character John of whom you know little about, being put on a train by the new Federal Police we now know as the FBI. After a really well done cut scene you arrive in Armadillo that is far from the newly developing modern world where cars are the new thing, there is talk of man being able to flyand J Crapper invented the toilet forever being remembered for the line "taking a crap".

The Character John is an enigma, he can be tough and brutal, yet kind and good. He is always respectful to the ladies and comes from a troubled background that is just as fun to explore as the game.


The redemption part of the title refers to two things. The redemption from the main characters past mistakes and the redeeming of the west into modern civilised society. It is the ending days of the Cowboy Gunslingers, Cocaine was high on demand and rumor had it that there was going to be a Prohibition. Race,cIass, capitalism and socialism were hot topics and the Indians were not yet given their reservation. The perfect setting for a good yarn and that is what Rockstar have weaved.



The voice acting is superb as is the music and ambient sounds from the different races that inhabited the west to the simple calls of birds and the babbling brooks. They might be little things but they add to the feeling that you are really there.



Graphics are good for a sandbox game every thing looks to have been researched to the minute detail to make in rustically realistic. Game play is not GTA, this game is far better and that is coming from a huge fan if the GTA series! Side missions are real mans work; Hunting, Sharpshooting, Banditry or Bounty Hunting, Treasure Map Exploring and um... flower picking to name a few. You could waste months away doing fun stuff before you even tackled the main story that is just as fun taking you across two states and into revolution troubled Mexico. One thing that is GTA is before you can reach Mexico the bridge is out! a true staple of a Rockstar game it seems.

The Good

Graphics, sound, game play.

The Bad

Every game comes to an end.

And The Ugly

I can't stand it when in a game you can't swim. It's not enough for this game to have a point taken off because it is made up for. But it is annoying.




Copyright singers from the songs in order of chapter:

Lee Marvin

Johnny Cash

Harry Nilsson

Lee Kernaghan


The good the bad and the ugly is United Artists.