Red Dead Redemption is a game I recently bought. I heard a lot of things about it, but I never had the time to pick it up. I am simply amazed at my own stupidity; why did I not buy this game months ago!?

The year is some number in the early 20th-century; probably 1910 or 1911. Well, that doesn't matter, what does matter is that this game is awesome. You play as John Marston, an illiterate, ugly, bad-mouthed guy who is eerily realistic and almost gut-wrenchingly flawed when compared to other video game protagonists. But, that's what makes him special. John Marston is NOT Duke Nukem, he is NOT Solid Snake, and he is certainly no Master Chief. This is a mildly un-intelligent man who has had a tough life filled with crime and death, but finally gets to settle down with a family; then, the government comes in and pulls the rug out from under our hero, and tells him to find and kill his former gang-bangers or he will never see his family again. Life's fun, ain't it?

The game throws you in with a mediocre tutorial level, but things slowly start to become more and more exciting, all the way up to the game's climax. I enjoy almost everything here, gameplay-wise. The shooting is fun, cover system works great, and the light-platforming is handy in some situations.

The game does boast a large amount of technical problems, and quite a few bugs. I've played both the X-Box 360 version and PS3 version, (I own PS3 version) and I experienced bugs with both games. Their are very few game-breaking issues here, but most are just odd little glitches.

Graphics: Their good. Not amazingly awesome, but they do the job. The physics engine on the other hand is magnificent. The euphoria engine is just mind-blowing. Seriously, I've never seen a ragdoll react as realistically as they do in this game. Ever watch old-westerns where the bad guy gets shot and falls over in an overly-dramatic way? That's how this game does it. Ragdoll physics are at their best here, and I look forward to seeing how the Euphoria engine evolves.

Remember: horses, are good.

It's a big world, and cars are virtually non-existent. Horses are your only means of transportation, and horses, are good. (I named mine, Larry)

If you don't like pollution, and you love animals, then give Red Dead a shot. You get to take care of your own horse, and move about at a considerable pace without polluting the environment!

Look at that trusty steed, nothing but a little methane polluting the air. Or is that only cows? Hmm.


Onto a more serious note, I enjoyed Red Dead Redemption the entire bazillion hours I played it. No, I really played it for like, a lot of hours. I only did a few side-quests. The game is that long. I think I have 25 to 30 hours. And that's not even doing everything the game has to offer, just some side-quests and the main story-line.

While the game is fun, and there isn't a lot I can say that other reviewers haven't said already, I have one major complaint: cattle herding.

I bought this game to shoot bad guys, and maybe, maybe, buy a hooker, but you can't do that last one so forget I said anything. Cattle herding is boring. I doubt you will disagree. Yes, I understand, it's a filler more or less. But their are at least five cattle herding missions in this game. Maybe more. It is one of the most boring things I've ever done in a game. Don't agree? Please, please, tell me why you think cattle herding was necessary more than once in this game.

Enough about cows, just go buy the game. It's a blast to play, and it's VERY cheap right now if you haven't played it yet. Oh, and if you buy the GOTY (game of the year) edition, you get a bucket-load of useless DLC's and the amazing Undead Nightmare DLC that is possibly the best expansion I've ever played for any game. Its value is awesome, and it has a ton of content. Zombies are just, well, their awesome. They make everything awesome. And they probably eat cows, which is cool...

...stupid cows.