Red dead redemption was my first Rockstar game. I didn't know if I wanted to get it at first, the when I saw the reviews, I just wanted it immediately. I finally got it, and was blown away. Red dead redemption is a really good game.

Graphics are pretty good. A few times iffy, but overall they were pretty good. Story is really good, and so is the gameplay. It's about 8-12 hours long. Voice acting is superb. Everyone did a great job, especially the guy who played John. He was amazing. The multiplayer was descent. All right, but still doesn't diminnish the game experience. It's hard about deciding game of the year, but it's for sure a perfect game.

Overall, Red dead Redemption is amazing. It gives a great tale of the open wild west. Game is a total for sure for any one on the PS3 and Xbox360. This a a great experience. That's why I'll give Red dead redemption a

10 OUT OF 10