I'll be honest, though I did like GTA 4 it wasn't a game that stuck to m heart.  I'm not saying it's bad, it's a great game, but I just never really felt connected to it. Red Dead Redemption changes everything there. This game is an amazing experience from start to finish.btw: I OWN THIS FOR THE PS3 so I can't comment on any 360 awards here.

Story: I didn't do story for Alan Wake and won't do it here. This is not something you wan't spoiled. It's full of twists and fun to go through.

Graphics: Outstanding. Horse animations, rocket above any other game horse animations. ( Except maybe Uncharted 3, I haven't played that part yet. ) Though an extremely occasional texture pop-up comes in, it does nothing to deny the amazing world of Texas that Rockstar has created. Everything is very detailed and runs smothly.

Gameplay: From treasure hunting to horse racing this game has it all. Though I won't rate all the gameplay I'll name a few. Gunplay: I love Deadeye. Some people complain it makes it to easy. Not for me, it is easIER, but not EASY. True, I play every single game on the hardest difficulty, so that might explain it. It's fun fluid and fast. Exploration: The world is huge, it's worth exploring, who knows you might just find some hidden treasure. Treasure Hunting: One of my favorite aspects of the game. It's fabulous and combines exploration with gunplay. Karma: Or so the call it in Infamous ( a favorite series of mine ). This game is worth playing through twice just to see and experience everything the game has to offer.

Multiplayer: Most don't like it. But I love it. It's different and actually fun. BUT BE WARNED, YOU WILL LOSE EASILY WITHOUT USING DEADEYE. My favorite thing about this was not the normal matches like capture the bag. But the free roam mode where I could do as I pleased with a friend and kill other people playing online who got in my way.

Overall: It's one of my all time favorite games. MY PERSONAL GOTY 2010. And with so much rich content you will almost never find yourself out of things to do. This... is a buy.  After writing this all I can say is this. IT'S AN AMAZING GAME. BUY THIS GAME.